Tamil National Alliance to boycott 75th Independence Day celebrations

M.A. Sumanthiran

Sri Lanka’s Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has decided to boycott the 75th Independence Day celebrations.

The Tamil party stated that the decision was taken due to the fact that the Tamil people have not yet received their freedom in a proper manner.

According to TNA, they plan to declare the 04th of February as a ‘Black Day’ and to commence a movement towards achieving that true freedom.

“Immediately after independence, it was transformed into a majority system under the guise of democracy. That’s why other people living in this country did not get freedom,” TNA parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran said

“The Sinhala Buddhist people thought that they got freedom. However, they also now feel that they didn’t get freedom,” MP Sumanthiran said.

“That’s why when the President is celebrating the 75th Independence Day on February 04th, we would like to declare that no one living in this country has that freedom. That is why when this is celebrated, we will declare this as a black day and we will start a campaign for the country to get its freedom properly.”