Tangalle PS Chairman surrenders to police over tourist murder

Chairman of the Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha, who was wanted in connection to the killing of a British tourist, has surrendered himself to the police.

The foreigner had been assaulted and murdered by group of individuals during a party at a resort in Tangalle at around 3am yesterday. The body of the victim reportedly bore wounds inflicted using sharp objects and also gunshot wounds.

Two suspects had turned themselves over to the police last night while several other suspects involved in the murder are still at large.

The Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman had reportedly been present at the time of the incident  and was suspected to be involved.

The British tourist’s wife, who was also attacked is currently being treated at the ICU of the Karapitiya Hospital.

The victim, Khuram Shaikh is a volunteer for the International Committee of the Red Cross at the Gaza Strip.


Courtesy: Ada Derana