The brutality of the Govt. clear – Gayantha

Gayantha Karunathilaka - UNP MP

The insensitivity of the government was clearly visible during the Weliweriya incident, the UNP alleged today. Speaking at a press briefing UNP MP Gayantha Karunathileke stated that during the clash the army did not care whether it was old people or pregnant mothers they were assaulting.

He claimed that during the pension scheme issue the same insensitive government killed Roshen Chanaka in Katunayaka and that the government’s answer to peoples’ problems was in the form of bullets and water cannon attacks.

The people in Rathupaswala took to the streets only to ask for drinking water and when a murder is committed the government is blaming it on a third-party. This clearly shows the brutality of the current regime, Karunathileke added.

(Courtesy: Ada Derana)