The Eelam Heist: India and Christian West compete to divide Sri Lanka

No Tamil Eelam

– By Shenali D Waduge

The name of the game is divide and rule, self-determination and balkanization all hallmarks of what India cannot ignore despite its efforts to avert or delay the inevitable. Importing Eelam from India to Sri Lanka managed to avert balkanization of India by 30 years, a period used by India to subtly form the foundation for Indian influence over Sri Lanka’s North which was immediately countered by foot soldiers in the form of Christian NGOs that took over LTTE’s vision and mission. Diplomatic jargon apart both India and the Christian West are hounding the hare manipulating the present weak government with leaders that follow appeasement and surrender mentality in order for them to secure their objectives. The favour returned has nothing to do with securing the national sovereignty of Sri Lanka but to ensure they remain in power even at the cost of a divided nation.

The colonial invaders that arrived in the early 16th century within no time discovered that the Sinhala Buddhists were a bloody headache and devised to use the minorities and break up the majority. With time that resulted in creating a minority bloc ready to follow white Christian orders while the Sinhala Buddhists died defending the nation. Over time many of the indentured labor were tapped from among the Tamils while Muslims were used as messengers and eaves droppers as the British found them easier to work with. They absorbed them into their military that came to be known as sepoys for being subservient to the whites. Little has changed since. India where millions of Indians were systematically killed remains very much under the thumb of their one-time rulers though a handful of proud Hindus fight in vain to preserve and protect a cultural heritage and one of the world’s oldest civilization.

India’s control over Eelam

With that background knowledge there is also the realization that India as a nation was patched together by the British tying together various princely kingdoms and independent territories. This argument is the basis with which the Tamils sought self-determination from ‘patched’ India.

Tamils that call for a Homeland in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Canada all trace their origins to Tamil Nadu where 72million of the world’s 76million Tamils live in a state that is 99% Tamil, a state that is named after Tamils and a state where Tamil is the official language. All the requirements for self-determination are already in place in Tamil Nadu.

Origins of Eelam traces back to early 1920 when the Justice Party brought a resolution to live separate from Brahmin-controlled India alleging that Brahmins were destroying Dravidian civilization.  The initial Dravida Nadu concept included Tamil speaking states (Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu). This request was refused by the British delegation (Cripps Mission) in 1942 though legally Tamil Nadu can seek self-determination as the option was not offered to Tamil Nadu at independence though a request was made.

Therefore the present genocide resolutions, protests, separatist calls etc stem from that initial Dravida Nadu Secession Day held in 1947 to inspire the 1949 formation of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) in India alongside the Federal Party (Illankai Tamil Arasu Katchchi) by Chelvanayagam in Sri Lanka. The links are obvious. The dilemma for Tamil Hindus is that India does not wish to shed its Hindi-Hindustani prominence while Sri Lanka insists the same for Sinhala Buddhists.

After 1950s the Dravida Nadu concept was replaced with Tamil Nadu for Tamils. Coincidentally the same year (1956) that Sri Lanka introduced Sinhala Only Act, India introduced the States Reorganization Act along linguistic lines. India imported India’s ailment to Sri Lanka by training Tamil youth to start a guerrilla warfare which eventually led to 30 years of terrorism.

India’s Central Government is well aware that balkanization of India is very much under way. India’s reliance on the arthashastra impedes India from collaborating with Sri Lanka and instead India has shown preference for using covert means to Indianize Sri Lanka’s North in a bid to ensure any division of Sri Lanka will secure Indian interest vis a vis sufficient Indian ‘citizens’ birthed in Sri Lanka’s North. Thus, the ‘refugees’ presently being quoted as ‘Sri Lankan’ may not be our own! It is also important that we realize India’s Centre is well in control of theatrics of Tamil Nadu state and that the State does not control the Centre to understand the pressure points India uses politically and socially against Sri Lanka. The links established culturally, through the new Indian mission in the North, illegal arrivals and the on ground covert activities of RAW has led to Sri Lanka’s Tamil Hindus falling prey to believing India as their savior when eventually India cares not about the Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus except to be well in control of a possible foundation outlet to kickstart the balkanization of India.

The covert influences India exerts in a long term bid to mentally align the North to India in preference to wanting to remain part of Sri Lanka has been through the satellite tv channel network, the film mania and via India influenced Tamil publications in print and electronic forms.

India is obviously looking after its own political and geo political interest caring not a hoot about Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus. Another factor Sri Lankan Tamils cannot ignore is that India’s HINDI rule will never allow Tamil factor to dominate. Therefore, even if Sri Lanka’s North comes under the guardianship of India and away from Sri Lanka, it would be HINDI dominated governance that will rule. It is for Sri Lanka’s Tamils to decide if Hindi dominated India or Sinhala dominated Sri Lanka is a better choice to live with.

It suited India to allow Sri Lanka to remain destabalized, for so long as terror existed India was safe from balkanization efforts. LTTE was linked to the Tamil Nadu Liberation Army and the Naxals. Counter terrorism efforts were all designed to keep terrorism at controllable levels and at negotiation/ceasefire stage – in short no solution was the best solution. It’s a pity though that over 2000 Indian men from its peace keeping force had to lay down their lives as a result of India-created terrorists! The 13th amendment to Sri Lanka’s constitution is also a factor to facilitate the delinking of both North and East from Sri Lanka and annexing it to India if not legally through a very calculated colonization program now well in place. With no proper and qualified national-minded policy makers and advisors all of Sri Lanka’s Governments have erred in not getting rid of 13th amendment to secure the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus must ask themselves is their anger against the Sinhalese Buddhists such that they would prefer to live under Hindi rule after dividing Sri Lanka.

Christian West hijacking Eelam

If India clandestinely imported eelam to Sri Lanka realizing that Tamil Nadu would be a factor in the quest to balkanize India, it should come as no surprise that the West would use other tactics to counter this. Yesteryears CIA is today replaced with foreign-government funded organizations majority of which are Christian/Catholic camouflaged as NGOs and registered to do humanitarian work. These entities have proved far more successful in India than they have in Sri Lanka questioning how far longer the Hindi dominance of India can actually survive. If Sri Lanka and India were to be turned into another South Korea that would become a success story for the Vatican objective of harnessing souls of Asia.

We can recall the ship Mercy Mission to the Vanni sponsored by an organization called ‘Act Now’ a pro-LTTE Christian organization bringing relief that was forced to be accepted by the Sri Lankan government because of India.

When the Church takes no action against Fathers functioning as leaders of banned terrorist movements, when churches are allowed to be used by LTTE cadres, when church leaders bless LTTE dead as martyrs, when the nations and organizations that have pushed and pulled for ceasefires to enable LTTE breathing space to fight another day we cannot be naïve not to notice the connections.

Church clergy openly supporting LTTE:

  • Frs. Singarayer, Diyogupillai, Prof. (Fr.) Joseph Chandrakanthan, from the Department of Theology at the University of Toronto, a former President of the University of Jaffna Teacher’s Association
  • Father Jagat Gasper Raj, close to DMK leadership in India
  • Fr. SJ Emmanuel, former Vicar-General of Jaffna, currently residing in Germany. He is on record saying he is first a Tamil and then a Christian. He called Prabhakaran ‘Jesus Christ’, the LTTE ‘soldiers of Christ’, the suicide bombers ‘martyrs of the Catholic Church’ to whom the Church provided a Catholic burial, and proclaimed himself as ‘the Moses’ who would lead the Tamil nation from the bondage of Sinhalese-Buddhists to the land chosen for them by God: Eelam. He leads the Global Tamil Forum.
  • S Jebanesan, Bishop of the Church of South India (CSI), who said he was working on a theology for Tamils, that is, excluding Sinhala Christians!
  • Prof. S Chandrakanthan, attached to the Theology Department, Toronto University, Canada
  • Rev. Dick Wootton of Uniting Church, Melbourne, Australia
  • Bishop Kenneth Fernando of the Anglican Church, visited Prabhakaran with Charles Abeysekera and Jayadeva Uyangoda and announced, “Prabhakaran is humane” shocking all
  • Rev Sr. Mary Barbara, Dr Anita Nesiah, M. Rajasigham, Joe William and T. Jayasingham of the National Peace Council
  • Rajappu Joseph, Bishop of Mannar, declared open the ‘Embassy of the Tamil Eelam’, the Eelam House in London.

The Mylapore Diocese works closely with the former Tamil Nadu chief Minister while the CSI Church of South India keeps ties with the present Chief Minister. Virtually the entire Tamil clergy of India supported the LTTE, as did the Sinhala Catholic and Christian clergy and influential evangelical elites.

LTTE Voice of Tigers tied up with Radio Veritas, a Catholic broadcasting station run by the Asian Catholic Bishops Conference based in The Philippines. The Tamil Service of the Radio Veritas is run by the Tamil Catholics of Tamil Nadu. Voice of Tigers had a “coordinating office” inside St. Sebastian’s Church in Mallavi, Wanni; the office was opened by the pro-LTTE Bishop of Mannar Fr. Rayappu Joseph. He played a key role in getting the army out of the Madhu Church premises (in Mannar) while allowing LTTE to operate from inside the Church!

The National Christian Council of SL and affiliates (SL Baptist Sangamaya, Christian Reformed Church of SL, Diocese of Kurunegala of the Church of Ceylon, Diocese of Colombo of the Church of Ceylon, Methodist Church, Sri Lanka, Presbyterian Church, Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India, The Salvation Army, YWCA of Sri Lanka, YMCA of Sri Lanka, Ceylon Bible Society, Christian Literature Society, Students Christian Movement, Commission for Justice and Peace) have been working to balkanize Sri Lanka and colluded with LTTE in tarnishing the image of the country. This is proven by the World Council of Churches promoting the concept of traditional homeland theory in 1994 at the UNHRC in Geneva.

National Peace Council was formed in 1995 with the backing of NCCSL donors, including Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, NORAD, SLIDA and a number of EU, German donor organizations.

NCCSL and supporters take great pains to deny that Sinhala Buddhists played a role in building the Sri Lankan nation. Favorite topics include “state colonization”, “Tamil homeland” “ethnic war”, “Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism”, “genocide of Tamils” etc. They have never referred to LTTE as a terrorist organization and rarely mention its atrocities. Their reports and papers end up being quoted by the West. The concept of “self-determination” is being pushed by these Church forces to facilitate creation of a Church-sponsored state.

Numerous times news have reported of Christian NGOs transporting arms and LTTE cadres and even supplying them equipment and then claiming these were stolen. Funds have also been disbursed surreptitiously while it is alleged that on the pretext of foreign study tours and training LTTE cadres were allowed to flee to Western nations to claim ‘refugee status.

Sri Lanka eelam lobbyists

Can seek Eelam with the hidden intention of using the eelam theme to advance their interests locally and internationally – refugee status/green card/ advancing political careers / gaining foreign employment etc.

Will eventually have to give up eelam to be under temporary control by India (until India is balkanized) the media projections of India ‘shielding’ Sri Lanka is simply to bring Sri Lanka under India’s orbit of influence and has nothing to do with any concern for Sri Lanka’s welfare whatsoever.
Prefer to allow West to use as its Christian base in South Asia to monitor and control the seas going West-East and East-West  to wrest religious expansionism combined with territory take over no different to colonial expansion. Tamil Christian nation is not going to have any place for the majority Hindus unless they convert!

Either way eelam project stakeholders will become puppets and will find out too late they have been fooled and lost all that they had because of their greed to want a little more than what they had been given.

Essentially what is important to take serious note is that Eelam is not meant for Sri Lankan Tamils or Sri Lankan Hindus.