Traders suspend protest: Government grants month’s grace period

The government yesterday decided to offer a month’s grace period for traders after considering the issue concerning the compulsory use of plastic crates to transport vegetables and fruits.

Internal Trade and Cooperatives Ministry sources said that following a meeting between the President and traders on the issue of making plastic crates compulsory in transporting fruits and vegetables, it was decided that a relief period of one month will be given.

In response the traders have decided to suspend their protest campaign and engage in their normal day to day businesses. Also after considering the difficulties faced by transporters, authorities have decided to amend the list of fruits and vegetables which have been categorised as compulsory for transportation in plastic crates, a ministry spokesman said.

In addition, contrary to certain speculation the compulsory use of plastic crates does not involve farmers but only traders who transport fruits and vegetables in vehicles over a long distance, he added.

Also the traders on the occasion have agreed to abide by the above decisions.

The Ministry yesterday also urged both traders and farmers not to fall prey to political forces with vested interests who are trying to exploit the issue.


Courtesy: Daily News