Two ‘White van drivers’ arrested

White van drivers of Rajitha Senaratne at a press conference

The CID has arrested the two persons who spoke at the ‘white van’ press conference that was organised by Dr Rajith Senaratne prior to the presidential election, last night, police said.

On December 2, the CID fact-reported to the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court to launch a fresh investigation into the controversial statement made by former Minister Rajitha Senaratne on ‘white van drivers’ at a press conference held prior to the presidential election.

Addressing a press conference held on November 10, the former minister said if elected a new government of theirs would probe into the alleged murders and abductions took place during the Rajapaksa regime.

In front of the media, he had presented two individuals whom he claimed were a ‘white van’ driver and victim of an attempted abduction in such a setting.

The CID also informed that it would launch investigations into suspects Anthony Douglas Fernando and Athula Sanjaya Madanayake who were reported to be a white van driver and victim.

(Source: Daily Mirror)