Underworld gunman killed in shootout with STF in Ganemulla

Special Task Force - STF - Sri Lanka

A suspected underworld gunman was killed in a shootout with Police Special Task Force (STF) personnel in Ganemulla last night.

According to Police, the suspect had opened fire at the STF personnel while they were searching a house at Sumedha Mawatha in Ganemulla last night, based on received intelligence information.

The 28-year-old suspect was critically injured when police returned fire while the suspect succumbed to injuries while receiving treatment at the Ragama Hospital.

A member of the STF had also been injured in the shootout.

The deceased is suspected to be a gunman involved in several previous underworld gang-related shootings, the police said.

The suspect, a resident of Eheliyagoda, is an army deserter and is suspected to be the shooter in the incident that took place at Dandugama, Ja-Ela on March 09.

He is said to have been a close associate of the underworld figure known as ‘Patta Manju’.