UNP to rally the masses against 20A

United National Party Sri Lanka - UNP logo

The United National Party has decided to conduct a series of programmes to educate the masses on the disadvantages of the proposed 20th Amendment to the Constitution and the undemocratic acts of the present administration.

Deputy Leader of the UNP Ruwan Wijewardena will spearhead the programme with the support of its trade unions and other affiliated bodies of the party such as the youth and women’s wing.

The UNP is of the view that the present administration through certain acts is challenging the independence of the judiciary, threatening the Parliamentary democracy, violating the freedom of citizens, intimidating journalists and arresting them, destroying the environment and severely burdening the public by increasing the prices of essential commodities.

According to the UNP it is also hoping to educate the public on the undemocratic acts and other illegal actions of the present administration which is continuously deceiving the public.

Issuing a statement, the UNP said it will rally the people and stand against all undemocratic acts of the present government.

(Source: News Radio)