US back to Lies : Lied on Iraq WMD – Now lying about Sri Lanka War Crimes

Colin PowellUS on Iraq : Colin Powell shows ‘evidence” – Result – Iraq invasion 1million Iraqi deaths, US citizens in debt – corporate America rich

US Government and its officials lied to its citizens on Iraq

Stephen Rapp and Michelle SissionUS on Sri Lanka: Stephen Rapp and Michelle Sission show ‘evidence” in run-up to US sponsored Resolution against Sri LankaUS Government and its officials are preparing the lies on Sri Lanka!

– by Shenali D Waduge –


The lies/fabrications and stories created by the US Government in order to invade Iraq are no small number:

  • President George Bush had made 232 lies on Iraq’s WMD
  • President George Bush made 28 statements on Al Qaeda collaboration with Saddam Hussein
  • Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld lied 119 times on Iraq
  • Secretary of State Colin Powell’s 254 false statements earned him a silver medal.
  • Paul Wolfowitz lied 85 times

The extent to which US officials went to create the scenario for invasion and occupation is covered in the steps taken by Secretary of State Colin Powell

  • Multimedia presentations on Iraq WMDs
    • Powell played intercepted conversations between Iraqi officers who were discussing ways to conceal prohibited materials from UN inspectors. The lengths US goes to bring about regime change was also seen in 1990s when a Harvard graduate impersonated Saddam Hussein hired by US government-linked PR firm Rendon Group (“Broadcast Ruse: A Grad Student Mimicked Saddam Over the Airwaves,” The Village Voice, 13-19 November 2002). Then in 1990 Kuwait hired another PR firm to support the 1st Gulf War by lying of Iraqi troops throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators. (Source: ‘The Lies we are told about Iraqi” The Los Angeles Times, 5 January 2003) The likelihood of these being fake is proven in the manner the CIA ran a clandestine radio station to provoke a coup against democratically-elected government of Guatemala. This radio station was broadcasting fake ‘opposition’ voices. We now hear that the US Ambassador is distributing galaxy phones, IPADs and what not – so the public of Sri Lanka need to be well prepared for 50 ‘opposition’ voices soon to come out manipulating social media as they are currently being trained on what to do.
    • Powell used satellite images to support claim that Iraq is producing and hiding chemical weapons. The New York Times reported that US officials had given UN inspectors satellite photos of ‘chemical weapons site’ – that ‘site’ turned out to be an old ammunition storage area! Powell also showed satellite images of a ‘terrorist camp’ – couldn’t US have bombed the camp instead of invading and occupying Iraq?
    • The satellite images shown of grave sites in Sri Lanka showed just over 300 and makes one wonder how 40,000 to 125,000 can be shoved into one!
    • Colin Powell claimed that according to ‘defectors’ Iraq had an elaborate system of mobile laboratories to produce biological weapons. Powell used ‘artists impressions’ of these ‘laboratories’ which displays the creative imagination of US when they want to take over nations! This is why the UN puppet is now trying to keep ‘witnesses’ classified.
    • Colin Powell also missed to mention how the company American Type Culture Collection was contracted by the US to send to Iraq E Coli botulism, the seed stock to make anthrax
    • Another lie of Colin Powell was of Saddam’s links to Al Qaeda and then portrayed Zarqawi the exact way they prepared Osama bin Laden to be hated by the world.
    • The lies by Powell and Co despite intelligence reports of FBI, CIA, UK intelligence and even Mossad claiming there was no evidence to tie Al Qaeda and Saddam. (ref: UK report rejects Iraqi Al Qaeda link – BBC, 5 February 2003). If we explore any likelihood of a link it was by the Reagan Administration when US helped recruit men from Arabs and Muslims to form ‘Afghan Freedom Fighters’ installing Osama as leader.
    • The US and UK now referring to the ‘no fire zones’ in Sri Lanka has forgotten how both nations bombed ‘no-fly zones’ for 12 years in Iraq! The UN Resolution spoke nothing about Al Qaeda connection – why did the US need to create a lie?
    • Colin Powell reminded the UN Security Council that Saddam has been a horrible monster for more than 2 decades. Powell cited Iraq’s use of chemical weapons against Kurds in 1988 calling it ‘one of the twentieth century’s most horrible atrocities’. Colin Powell missed to mention that US supported Saddam against Iran going so far as to instruct US diplomats to implicate Iran – no different to what US diplomats are currently doing in Sri Lanka abusing all diplomatic decorum.

What the American public need to realize is:

They lied to me - Bush

For the US , WMD is defined as Words of Mass Deception !!!

What sovereign governments voting at the UN and its assemblies in particular the UN Human Rights Council need to ask themselves is will their decision to endorse Resolutions by the US end up creating catastrophes that Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan and similar countries today suffer from.

Sri Lanka is being unnecessarily targeted for eliminating terrorists banned by 32 nations. Nations of the world must be aware of the suffering of 20million people under 3 decades of LTTE terror and take cognizance of their suffering too.

If the Pentagon is using deception should the world’s SOVEREIGN nations think twice about endorsing what US asks of them – including that of agreeing to every Resolution brought by US to the UN even the watered-down ones.

Do leaders not have moral obligations to humanity anymore?