We have a plan to address the COVID crisis and rebuild the economy – UNP

UNP logo - United National Party Sri Lanka

The United National Party says it has a clear alternative plan to address the coronavirus crisis and rebuild the economy.

Speaking during a media briefing, former Parliamentarian Professor Ashu Marasinghe said the UNP has proposed a 21-point program to deal with the current crisis with emphasis given to four important areas, health, education, economy and environment.

Former MP Marasinghe said Parliament powers should also be used effectively to deal with the crisis.

He said politicians and the general public should commend the work carried out by the health sector workers and other state employees during the past one and a half years.

Former MP Ashu Marasinghe said no faction should politicize the COVID-19 pandemic and urged all parties to work together to tackle the crisis which is impacting the entire country.

He said as a responsible political party, the UNP has presented its proposals to successfully deal with the health emergency while taking measures to strengthen the economy.

(Source: News Radio)