“American Corner” in Jaffna

A cultural corner named as ‘American Corner’ has been established in Jaffna by the United States Embassy in Sri Lanka. The new Center will help people to tap educational opportunities, knowledge and information technology.

The U.S. Ambassador in Sri Lanka Ms. Patricia Butenis had said that “The American Corner” is much more than a small library where people can read books, magazines, or current newspapers, and it will be a place that will connect Jaffna with the rest of Sri Lanka, and with the world.

She has also said that through digital video conferences, the Jaffna public can now interact with American scholars or business leaders in New York, Los Angeles, or Washington D.C.

The United States has a larger ‘American Centre’ in capital Colombo, and ‘American Corners’ in Kandy, and Oluvil.

The Ambassador has also said that they will engage young people via the internet, web casts, and programming to develop their communication and leadership skills, and their online database. English language library collection, regularly scheduled book clubs and film screenings will provide educational and cultural resources to both children and adults, and has expressed hope that the American Corner will quickly become a vibrant community center, and provide a space for dialogue between Sri Lankans and Americans.(niz)

Source: Government News Portal