17 Sri Lankans trapped in war-torn Gaza allowed to leave Gaza via Rafah border crossing

Rafah crossing point

(Photo: YouTube)

17 Sri Lankans who are trapped in the Gaza Strip amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict have been permitted to leave Gaza on and enter Egypt via the Rafah border crossing, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Tel Aviv has confirmed this officially to the Foreign Employment Bureau (SLBFE).

Accordingly, 15 of these Sri Lankans are expected to reach Egypt this afternoon, SLBFE media spokesman Gamini Senarath said, joining a special media briefing this morning (November 02).

He also mentioned that although 17 people belonging to three Sri Lankan families have been granted permission to leave, two of them are staying in Palestine.

According to international media, the Gaza Borders and Crossings Authority has released a list of 596 foreign and dual nationals from 15 countries who will be allowed to leave Gaza on Thursday (November 02).

The ministry said the people listed would need to get to the crossing by 7:00 AM (05:00 GMT).

The 596 foreign and dual nationals on the list are from the following countries:

  • Azerbaijan: 8
  • Belgium: 50
  • Bahrain: 6
  • Chad: 2
  • Croatia: 23
  • Greece: 24
  • Hungary: 20
  • Italy/United Nations: 4
  • North Macedonia: 4
  • Mexico: 2
  • Netherlands: 20
  • South Korea: 5
  • Sri Lanka: 17
  • Switzerland: 11
  • United States: 400

The Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt was opened for the first time on Wednesday (November 01) since the Israel-Hamas war erupted.