20-29 age group exposed to false info on vaccines – Dr. Hamdani

Dr. Anwar Hamdani

Dr. Anwar Hamdani

Health units say individuals between the ages of 20 and 29 are increasingly exposed to false information regarding coronavirus vaccines, as they are more exposed to new technology and means of information.

Chief Coordinator of COVID-19 at the Ministry of Health, Director of Medical Technical Services Dr. Anwar Hamdani speaking at a media briefing in Kandy said, all COVID-vaccines currently in use in the country will be monitored in several stages while the Technical Committee of the Health Ministry will issue suitable recommendations.

He said the five vaccine brands are imported following the approval of the World Health Organisation after which the National Medicines Regulatory Authority provides further approval locally.

Dr. Hamdani said the 20-29 age group extensively associates social media, browses the internet and swaps knowledge.

He requested youth to limit themselves to scientific facts, adding there has been no scientific evidence or scientific research confirming a particular vaccine is better than another.

Dr. Hamdani said it is paramount that they obtain the first vaccine dose of any brand that is available.

On a separate note, Dr. Hamdani said 2,802 COVID-19 victims have been laid to rest in Oddamavadi, the designated area for COVID burials according to data received as of the 13th of September.

Dr. Hamdani added the total includes 1,674 males and 1,128 females.

Dr. Hamdani said burials will continue at the location due to the availability of land.

He said depending on the requirement, they have received directives from the COVID-19 Technical Committee to direct burials in other locations through relevant Divisional Secretaries.

(Source: News Radio)