‘All those in authority who failed to avert Easter Sunday attacks will be punished’ – PM

Mahinda Rajapaksa - Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said on Friday that punitive action will be initiated against all persons who failed to avert the devastating 2019 Easter Sunday terror attacks, based on the findings of the ongoing Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the carnage.

“Notwithstanding their positions and standing in society, we will file legal action against those identified by the Commission for their failure to prevent the coordinated scourge of terror”, the premier assured.

The Prime Minister was responding to Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith’s public statement that justice should be meted out to the Easter Sunday victims and those responsible for the dastardly attacks brought to book “without shedding crocodile tears over the incident”.

Speaking during his homily for the National Day of the Sick at the basilica of Our Lady of Lanka in Tewatte last week, the Cardinal said the presidential commission investigating the Easter Sunday bombings has only identified the public faces of those who failed to prevent the attack, but the “people behind the scenes, who funded these attacks, who planted the bombs, have not been found”.

“If any government tries to hide and release the culprits without punishing them, I will oppose that government”, he said.

“We will ensure justice”, Rajapaksa stressed, while adding that “however mighty and powerful those responsible for preventing the grisly attacks may be, they will be made to face the full force of the law”.

It was a grave lapse on the part of those in authority to have ignored intelligence warnings on the imminent terrorist attacks, which plunged not only the Catholic community but the entire country into unspeakable grief, the Prime Minister noted.

(Source: The Island – By Norman Palihawadana)