Appoint a PSC to investigate Pandora Papers – Sajith

Sajith Premadasa

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa says the government must appoint a Parliament Select Committee promptly to investigate revelations made through the Pandora Papers.

MP Premadasa said a transparent and impartial inquiry must be conducted into the revelations through a special committee that is vested with all powers.

Issuing a statement MP Premadasa said several Sri Lankans are cited in the Pandora Papers, that reveals information of secret financial transactions including money laundering, tax evasion and other financial activities.

However, the Opposition Leader said the government is yet to make an official statement pertaining to the names that have been revealed through the Pandora Papers.

Premadasa said many questions have been raised over whether the income tax due to the government has been duly paid, the real owners of the funds adding that Sri Lanka has plunged into a deeper economic crisis than ever before in history.

He said with the revelation of the Pandora Papers, many countries have sought to take immediate action while neighbouring India and Pakistan have vowed to conduct investigations.

(Source: News Radio)