Are Wahhabis on warpath against moderate Muslim Suffi’s in Sri Lanka

The Wahhabi

– by Shenali D Waduge –

It comes as no surprise when Sri Lanka is being accused of ‘attacking’ Muslims. The allegations come from the very globalists who created a brand of Islam better known as Wahhabism mandated to destroy Islam from within. Suffi’s of Sri Lanka are today under attack by the Wahhabis. Globalist media is quick to point fingers at the Buddhists. The LTTE strategy was to wipe out the moderate Tamils which they did successfully, the Wahhabis are using that same blueprint in Sri Lanka by targeting the moderate Muslims – the Suffis before launching a future wave of terrorism on orders of the globalists unless the Government does not ignore the impending doom and does not allow to repeat what shaped into LTTE terrorism by inaction that became a hallmark of previous governments.

Wahhabis attacking Sufis

  1. Wahhabi-Sufi clashes in Kattankudy, Batticoloa District spurred as a result of Wahhabi men mocking Sufi women on their way to a Sufi mosque and led to clashes with even fire arms being used and curfew imposed. 7 cases of property torched, 2 houses damaged, 8 motobikes torched. The meeting organized by the Police led to Jammiyathul Ulema (who represent Grand Mosque in Kattankudy) putting 10 regulations affecting the belief and practices of Sufis. Jammiyathul Ulema demanded Suffis to abide by their rules, to stop radio broadcasts, and publishing Suffi newspapers. Suffis refused to accept these terms. It was a clash of religious thought and not many Muslims like to publicize this.
  2. 2004 October again in Kattankudy – a book published by a Suffi leader ( M S M Abdullah) declared ‘un-Islamic’ by Jammiyathul Ulema representing Wahhabi school of thought. Result was over 200 Suffi houses burnt down. A fatwa was declared against M S M Abdullah leading to a court settlement.
  3. 2006 – clashes between Suffis and Wahhabis in Oddamavadi
  4. Wahhabis demanded removal of M S Abdual Payilvan’s (leader of Suffi sect and President of All Island Tharikathul Mufliheen) who was buried at the Tharikathul Mufliheen mosque burial grounds in Kattankudy. Wahhabis went on to dig the buried body and dumped the body on a local road. The policy recovered the body and re-buried it in the original burial space.
  5. Wahhabis are headquartered in Kattankudy, East Sri Lanka. Their brand of terror was seen in the gunning down of Lateef in Oddamavadi and even gunning down those who leave Wahhabism.
  6. 2009 – clashes in coastal town of Beruwala between popular Sufi sheikh and Wahhabi congregation.
  7. 2013 – Pottuvil, Suffi Muslim shrine demolished. So far 10 to 15 shrines and 25 mosques had been attacked all over the country by the Wahhabis Globally too the attacks on Suffis’ by Wahhabis have increased.* Sudan’s Islamic Wahhabi Government is attacking black Sufis in Darfur* Iraq’s Suffi’s are regularly attacked by Wahhabis using suicide bombers.

Wahhabi Quest to “Arabize” Islam

There are 1.2billion people who follow Suffism but to the Wahhabis and the Taliban – Suffis are their enemy. The obvious aim is to wipe out 1400 of Suffi culture and ‘Arabize’ them. The key word is certainly Arabize – for Islam is not Arabic culture and the sudden surge in people wearing burqa/nikab shows how Muslims have been forced to adapt to Wahhabi Arabic culture as a new wave of dress code is being dictated. Arabic culture is certainly not Islam. Muslims must question whether they are following Islam or Arabic Wahhabi Islam.

Wahhabism – British Engineered to destroy Islam/Muslims from within

Wahhabism created by the British has hardly any credibility in claiming Sufis are not following Islam. Wahhabism started only in the 18th century therefore it cannot qualify to be dictating how people should follow Islam. On the other hand Suffism is believed to have grown out of early Islamic asceticism during 661-749 AD.

Then there is also the question of the House of Saud descending from Jewish merchants. In the 1960s ‘Sawt al Arab’ Broadcasting Station in Cairo, Egypt and the Yemen Broadcasting Station in Sana’a even confirmed the Jewish ancestry of the Saudi family. King Faisal Al-Saud did not deny his family’s kindred with the Jews and he declared on 17 September 1969 to the Washington Post that ‘We, the Saudi Family, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslim Authority which shows any antagonism to Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (Arabia) is the fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world’. Which next raises the question is Islam the actual religion practiced by the Saudi Family and are they of Arab origin at all? The King of Saudi has even attended Bilderberg meetings.

Troika Alliance – West-Saudi-Israel

When the Saudi royals have aligned to the West and Israel in a humanitarian disguised military offensive that has created what is known as the Arab Spring we need to ask how far Saudi the citadel of Muslim’s holiest place is actually protecting the interests of the world’s Muslims and moreover why their religious sect the Wahhabis are being used to not only wage wars against non-Muslims as well as Muslims starting off with the Suffis it is no better a time to realize who the enemies really are.

West’s Quest to destroy Islam through Wahhabis

Saudi embassies are said to be acting as centres to promote or outsource Wahhabism. Local Wahhabi institutes, publications and propagandists are funded through the embassies.

If we were to designate extremist Islamists – they are the Wahhabi followers and not Suffis. Suffis are those who are religious inclusive and assimilate with local traditions and they do not shun other religions and certainly tolerant. Suffis do not shun music, poetry and other artistic forms, they inculcate intellectual exploration and open to modern knowledge and science.

Wahhabis are against music, dance and social mixing of sexes, they oppose display of images – humans or animal, praying at graves and assigning divinity to the Prophet, or celebrating his birthday or praying to him. They don’t like cricket either evident by those that attacked Sri Lanka’s cricketers in Pakistan. This is what Wahhabis stand for, how many Muslims in Sri Lanka follow this or adhere to this? Prior to Wahhabis entering Sri Lanka in mid 1970s, the Muslims of Kattankudy were praying at graves, seeking favors from God through prayer, singing songs in praise of God, organizing festivals, distributing food for Prophets birthday and using flowers in prayer. These were all customs that came through Tamil/Indian customs and rituals as the earliest Muslims arrived from India.

What we see popularly around us though is the creeds of Mullahs – flogging, killing, imposing religious fear, militancy. Wahhabis ban Muslims from praying the way they want to in Mecca and Medina, Wahhabis have destroyed numerous monuments associated with the Prophet, his family and his companions.

No different to how the Christian Church and the monarchy of medieval Europe was aligned the rulers of Saudi Arabia and the mullahs of the Wahhabi Al-e Shaikh are aligned. Both have become a curse to their followers and those they want to destroy. Al Qaeda and leader Osama Bin Laden is also said to be a Wahhabi.

Wahhabis think only they are Allah’s chosen ones, only they are following the correct path – everyone else becomes their enemy. Yet, the silent majority of Muslims are not Wahhabis. But Sufis are not well organized, they do not have massive funds, they are not combative, they don’t make demands on other Muslims –all that the Wahhabis do. Sufis are moderate because they believe God will guide people if He wills. This innocent attitude is now clashing with the hardcore attitudes of the Wahhabis.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani Chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of America says that Wahhabism is ‘like an octopus – its tentacles reaching everywhere’. It was he who said in 1999 that 80% of mosques in US were run by extremists. He goes on to say that ‘moderate scholars have no access to anything. The dominating voice today is the voice of the Wahhabi sect. They dominate everything – publishing, books, money. Everything is in their hands’.

If Suffi’s say Islam is peaceful in its history and Islam does not allow aggression – the question of who is the aggressor is obviously clear – Wahhabism. It is a radical ideology, financed by oil money and kept as a political tool by the Western globalists. But Muslims are not willing to speak against Wahhabis because they are being threatened. The Shaykh goes on to say that the clash of civilizations is actually among Muslims themselves because they are fighting each other and killing each other – it is exactly what the West wants them to do, Wahhabis have stripped human rights in the countries they control. Muslims are divided because the Prophet said ‘my ummah will be divided into 73 different groups’. The problem for the Muslims are a foreign planted hegemony prevails – they have both money and power and foreign influence that ensures they prevail.

Wahhabis are the West’s Geo-Political Tool to create mayhem among Muslims and Non-Muslims

Obviously what the British did was to identity how to divide and destroy the Muslims and Wahhabi ideology was the answer. The globalists had found or rather created their geopolitical and militant tool. Today, Wahhabism is being used for various purposes against Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The allegation that Wahhabis are linked to the West is clearly indicated in both US and UK protecting Wahhabis and the fact that it was these Wahhabis who killed innocent Christians in Syria and burnt down the churches. None of the Christians in Syria before the wave of incursions were illtreated by the Assad Government.

The West again used Wahhabis in Bosnia and Kosovo under the banner of ‘reconstruction aid’ and these Wahhabis demolished and removed major Islamic monuments but they have not touched any of the Crypto Albanians (those Muslim in the open but practicing Christianity indoors).

Damage West-linked Wahhabis are doing to Islam/Muslims

It was the British who supported Wahhabi war lord Ibn Saud to legitimize the Saudi dynasty against Uthman Khillafath of Turkey destroying 15 centuries of Islamic heritage, desecrating tombs of the wives and companions of the Holy Prophet. Wahhabis or the House of Saud has been always in cahoots with US, UK and Israel.

Iconoclasm for Wahhabis meant that they went on to destroy several holy shrines including Prophet’s house in Mecca and companion Ayoob Ansari’s house in Medina. These are now apartment blocks and hotels while the Prophets wives houses have become parking lot.


Irfan Al Alawi, the founder and former Executive director the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation estimates that over 300 antiquity sites in Mecca and Medina have already been destroyed (House of 1st caliph – Abu Bakr levelled to make Mecca Hilton Hotel, 18th century Ottoman fortress in Mecca flattened to make Abraj Al Bait Towers, an ancient mosque belonging to Abu Bakr is now an ATM machine,

A pamphlet published by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and endorsed by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia reads “The green dome shall be demolished and the three graves flattened in the Prophet’s Mosque,”
Ever since modern state of Saudi Arabia was created by the British in 1924, the Wahhabi-House of Saud control Hijaz, Mecca and Medina where Wahhabism is the official religion.

Oil wealth, Western allegiance, intelligence support and other alliances has meant that Wahhabis control every aspect of Islam under its ideological banner and Muslims have no choice in the matter. What is unfortunate is that Muslims are allowing Wahhabism to not only influence their own thinking but also allow Wahhabis to destroy fellow Islamic nations like Iran and it is the Western link to Wahhabis that help generate the extremist manpower to wage rebellions and terrorist warfare that Wahhabis have become the perfect tool for the West to unleash on their enemy nations. While NATO supplies the air power, Saudis are ever willing to provide the men to be the ground force and these are the men who have completely turned the Middle East into the Arab Spring allowing Western corporates to take over these nations thereafter.

The Wahhabis are using the same model that Christian fundamentalist groups using NGOs to carry out conversions of poor families to Christianity are doing. Wahhabis are also targeting poor Muslim families, providing cash and kind in return for them to wear the hijab/nikab and make a visible statement that they openly advocate Wahhabism. Prayer centres, madrassas are being openly promoted by both these Christian/Wahhabi NGOs where Government officials are unaware of who Muslims are /who Wahhabis are (British created and Jewish ancestry leaves a big question mark seeking answers as to why knowing the links Muslims would still chose to follow them).

Let us also note that the Wahhabis hated Gaddafi because he did not take a cent from Saudi, he refused to impose Sharia law, he did not ban womens dress and no sooner Libya and Gaddafi fell Sharia law prevails in Libya and the international media that went to town over Libya’s human rights abuses are totally silent on the inhuman Sharia laws taking place ever since 2011.

Countries like Syria where women dress as they please if taken over by Wahhabis as Egypt, Tunisia are realizing too late it is ONLY the will of the Wahhabis that prevails.

Wahhabism building its base in Sri Lanka

What is clear is that a new politico-religious movement backed by 50 Muslims organizations is influencing Muslims in Sri Lanka and forcing Muslims to adapt and adhere to their Wahhabi doctrine.
The leaders of these organizations are sending Muslims from towns and villages to join as ‘home guards’ where they would be provided military training and thereafter know how to handle AK 56 guns – we are looking at youth able to handle weapons.

It has also been reported that Muslim youth are being sent to Qatar. A web journal also disclosed that over 200 Muslim youths on forged names have been sent through various bogus educational institutes overseas for indoctrination. Many of these youth are actually Bangladeshis! The web journal claims that Wahhabis have trained nearly 3000 Muslim armed cadres.

Given the globalist links to Wahhabism it is no surprise that CIA is attributed to introducing Wahhabism to Sri Lanka through Saudi Arabia to counter Sri Lanka’s alliance with Iran and Sufism. A strategic tool given the oft used excuse that in exchange for the Saudi vote in Geneva Sri Lanka has to allow anything and everything Saudi desires. A compromise that is likely to lead to another burning issue in time to come.

What this gamble has done is to create divisions amongst the Muslims in Sri Lanka and create animosity with the Muslims by non-Muslims who are clueless about the mechanizations of Islam and the divisions among Muslims.

When Saudi has 87billion to spread Wahhabism worldwide should we be surprised at the extent of its reach?
When money has become the dearth of a compassionate and moral society the handouts by Wahhabis have been accepted by both Muslim and non-Muslim alike, which is why Wahhabi criminalities in Sri Lanka are kept under the carpet by even media.

Wahhabis are not only subduing Sufis but the rest of the Muslims as well. The clout built up because of the allegiance to the West has left Muslims clueless on how to challenge the Wahhabis but what is more horrifying is that Muslims are following every order given by the Wahhabis through their Ulemas in different countries including Sri Lanka.

Wahhabism is nothing but political Islam. One the West – Liberal Democrats are ruining the world with their fancy free notions then at the other side of the spectrum in the Third World nations starting out with the Muslim nations the Wahhabis are being used to wipe out the Muslims by getting them to kill each other while using these same extremists to raise terror in non-Muslim nations.

The West and Wahhabism have become compatible and partners in crime. It is also working well towards the oft quoted clash of civilizations for people do not differentiate Muslims with Wahhabists and thus the hatred for Muslims because of the Wahhabists – this is the gameplan. It is why all terrorists organizations have been financed some way or the other by Western sources or through Western sources.

The wave of current incursions provoking reactions have been designed to allow globalist media to denigrate the majority Buddhists. The experiments to test reactions have been the refusal to abide by the Supreme Court interim order on mosque loudspeakers, the Halal brand and the new dress attire that is being pushed through the Wahhabi controlled mosques with middle class and poor yielding to the demands. The halal issue in particular was to test how the reactions of non-Muslims would be as well as how far Muslims would go to claim that as a religious right using the backdrop of Muslim votes Sri Lanka depends on at international forums little realizing that most of the Muslim leaders of these majority Muslim nations are under the spell of the West and would vote according to their instructions only.

Even in Sri Lanka the extent of Wahhabi influence through the Ulema has been such that when randomly questioning what Muslims felt about the Suffis – most young Muslims did not even know who the Suffis were. There are 5 major Muslim sects in Islam, Suffi’s are one of them. The rest are the Sunni, Shi’ite, Bahaii and the Wahhabis.

Prophet Muhummad is said to have predicted that his followers would be divided into 73 sects, everyon going to hell except for 1 sect – the religion professed by himself. The number of Islamic sects is now over 150 so it is not hard to imagine how easy it is to break up and divide Muslims from even within.

A commentator on a webjournal says : Muzahir Syed · Head of Equality and Diversity Services (2007) “……I have observed the atrocities committed by Wahhabi doctrine in the name of Islam. I despise the Saudis attempt to divide Muslims by sowing the seeds of sectarianism in order to avoid having to give their citizens their rights. The end of Saudi regime in Hijaz will bring peace to the Islamic world and encourage coexistence in peace with the non-Islamic world. May Allah bring this day in my life time.”

How many Muslims think like him?