Army tells Channel 4, NGOs and Tamil Diaspora : ‘Present allegations to LLRC with evidence’

‘Channel Four should present the allegations they make against Sri Lanka Army with evidence to the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) instead of dramatizing their old video clips taken from open sources of pro-LTTE websites’, the Sri Lanka Army yesterday said. “NGO activists,such as, Pakiasothy Sarawanamuttu, Sunila Abeysekara, Nimalka Fernando and Sunanda Deshapriya from Sri Lanka, could have done the same, if they had any true interest in Sri Lanka’s human rights situation”, states the Army.

Sri Lanka Army Spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasekera said, Channel 4 as a rule telecast anti – Sri Lankan material under the influence of the pro – LTTE diaspora. Their new video footage, which is supposed to be a follow up of their first one, is full of “shocking comments” synchronized on their old collection of material from open sources.

Asked why Channel 4 would do that against Sri Lanka, the Brigadier said, “ I do not want to speculate why they do this, but this is their second attempt to paint a horrible picture against an Army that has removed one of the ruthless and internationally banned terrorist group.”

“Yet, they may present their allegations to the LLRC with evidence for rightful action,.”he said. Asked if the Sri Lanka Army would take action upon such evidence provided by Channel 4, Brig. Wanigasekera said, “the Army had appointed a Board to act upon the LLRC, to investigate and punish any perpetrator in accordance with military law.

“Who is leveling charges against whom” does not matter as long as there is credible evidence against the perpetrators,” he said.

“The surfacing of the renewed version of Channel 4 video has a close bearing with members of the Tamil diaspora living in European countries who are now being asked to return to Sri Lanka,” he pointed out.

“These people have not undergone any hardships during the war. Most of them had sought asylum in European countries by virtue of the war.

“Raising funds under the banner of helping the Tamil public and the LTTE has been a lucrative trade for them until Sri Lankan Security Forces eradicated the LTTE,” he explained.

“They are unable to generate funds from foreign agencies as they used to, or continue to live comfortable lives in Europe without showing valid cause to do so in these countries. Hence, they have resorted to this option of “Sri Lanka’s accountability on war crimes’’ to create an “euphoria” which will prolong their comfortable living standards in the West”, he said.

On being asked to comment on the situation of NGOs that have criticized Sri Lanka at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Brig. Wanigasekera said, these NGO activists have been enjoying the democratic rights of Sri Lanka whole inflicting damage on the country’s peace.

“They are exercising their freedom of speech and right to expression at the UNHRC as they have been doing so in Sri Lanka”, he added.


Courtesy: Daily News