Aruni Baba and Thel Chuti arrested for possession of heroin

Drug arrests

The wife of a murder suspect Kudu Roshan and one of his accomplices have been arrested with heroin in their possession by the STF today.

Police Media spokesman, SP, Ruwan Gunesekera said the two suspects have been identified as 30-year old Wijesinghe Aarachchi Niroshani alias Aruni Baba and 46-year old Salinda Dharmasiri alias Thel Chuti.

‘Chooty Ukkung’ and four others died in a shooting in Sumithpura, Mattakkuliya on the 23rd of October 2016.

‘Kudu Roshan’ and twelve others were arrested and remanded over the shooting.

Police believe Kudu Roshan is handling his narcotic racket from inside the prison while his wife Aruni Baba is peddling heroin outside prison.

police discovered other of narcotics such as ice and cash over 700 thousand rupees from two houses belonging to Aruni Baba and Thel Chuti in Ragama and Kadawatha.