Can Canada tell when MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan is telling the Truth or Lying?

Canadian MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan

– by Shenali D Waduge –

Truth or Lies is what Canada needs to ask of its MPs for Rathika Sitsabaiesan has been caught red handed telling absolute fibs. She says she was under house arrest, then she denies it but not before she ensures her party’s leader makes a buffoon of himself by demanding from Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner in Ottawa of Rathika’s house arrest. With the objective of maximum publicity achieved Rathika can go back to Canada and tell one lie after another about her ‘torture’ in Sri Lanka. The question is are Canadians foolish enough to believe her? But then a poll conducted in Canada finds that half of Canada believe its Prime Minister is a liar too!

Canada is a multicultural country, when Canada selects MPs and MPs forward their nominations they do so to serve the Canadians living in Canada, why would Rathika be on a witch hunt against a country she left and not returned to since 1984 at the age of 5? Did Canada vote for her to look into the affairs of Sri Lankan citizens in Sri Lanka?

Why is Rathika promoting a privately funded documentary on Sri Lanka by the Global Tamil Forum that is going round the world showcasing edited versions which have no evidence for the allegations being made but getting international awards for it?

MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan

She proudly used the LTTE flag in her facebook account, a clear message that she was supporting the LTTE and removed the picture after becoming MP. Eelam Flag became part of her election campaign.

MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan

Lies have an ugly habit of generating into massive onslaughts and one lie they say leads to another. The spin Rathika spun on her clandestine visit to Sri Lanka resulted in the following caption over the Toroton Sun newspaper ‘NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan held by ‘terrorism’ investigators in Sri Lanka: Report’. Numerous other online and print newspapers went to town as well. But then when Rathika retracted her previous version to say she was NOT under house arrest there was little news and certainly no apology to Sri Lanka by members of the ‘civilized’ world.

Some questions the NDP leadership need to ask of Rathika are

  • Did the MP inform the party leadership she was going on a ‘fact finding’ mission to Sri Lanka as a tourist and not going via diplomatic channels with all privileges of a MP?
  • Does the NDP leadership not wonder why she would wish to take painstaking measures to meet up with pro-Eelam groups when Eelam has nothing to do with her as she is now a Canadian citizen?
  • Was it not an embarrassment for the NDP leadership that her lies about being house arrested led to the NDP having to place a call to the Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa to get confirmation of the house arrest – Did Rathika Sitsabaiesan not embarrass the entire NDP with her lies that she was under house arrest?
  • Is this the type of MP that the NDP is grooming as party members when they tell lies and completely embarrass and humiliate the leader who uses his official status to demand answers at diplomatic levels?
  • NDP must also know that nobody in Sri Lanka except those of us aware of the cheap politics she played to come into power know who she is, especially those Tamils living in the North. She was never a name even the LTTE leaders spoke of.
  • Her objective in coming to Sri Lanka was because Logan Kanapathi is likely to challenge and divide her votes and she needed to come and win herself some leverage amongst the Tamils in Canada. Let us also add that her parents come from Mathanai – an area that low caste factor prevails and the caste plays a key role among Tamils especially post-LTTE.
  • Her lies about being under house arrest did win her media coverage across the international newspapers and made its way as another false flag strategy and probably because the Liberals have put forward a Tamil from Toronto to unseat her that Rathika resorted to the strategy of lies that the LTTE propagandists know so well.
  • Just for the records – tourists are not allowed to be politicking and that was one reason why the Indian bogus ‘journalist’ with no proper visa was deported and he too has joined the lying bandwagon by claiming torture for these are now the best ingredients to land a story in the media. These tricks have been replayed too long that we are not fools to see through them.
  • Canada learnt a lesson that it is illegal to go as ‘tourists’ and engage in politics when Canadian politicians were kicked out of China in 1992 for meddling in China’s iternal affairs. Canada asked French President Charles de Gaulle to leave Canada because he said ‘Viva le Quebec Libre”. Therefore, Sri Lanka is within its rights to take action against this MP coming to Sri Lanka as a ‘tourist’ and poking her nose into internal affairs of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka had every right to cancel her visa and deport her. Rightfully, by this type of abuse Sri Lanka has every right to deny entry to all Canadian politicians who do not possess a valid visa given by the mission in Ottawa.
  • Rathika’s other lie was to complain of being abused by the police who had said that she would be arrested if she misbehaves. Does Rathika think that just because she or anyone else is a Tamil they cannot be arrested because if they are the entire world will come down on Sri Lanka for arresting a Tamil irrespective of whether they have done wrong? Is this the new law that Rathika’s NDP is promoting?
  • Did the NDP fund her tour to Sri Lanka? If NDP did not who did? Should the NDP not question her about who funded her tour for her lies has compromised the NDP leader who without checking the source making the ‘house arrest’ claim questioned Sri Lanka?
  • NDP is morally accountable for letting Canada and Sri Lanka know some truths because all that we are getting from this rookie MP is lies and it is not good for Canada or the NDP party.
  • Canada must realize that their MPs (whether white Canadians or immigrants) are stooping to all time low to get a few hundred votes of the Tamils who have strategically concentrated themselves in areas where MPs have little choice but to go behind them for their votes in lieu of various other favors – chagrining Sri Lanka using their official positions has been that favour
  • We can recall how Mr. D Obhrai representing Canada at the Commonwealth was made a fool by the Tamils getting him to place a wreath for the fallen heroes – the LTTE!
  • As for Rathika we also recall that her victory itself was under review as allegations of voter fraud emerged.
  • Then there was also that photoshop cover up of her photo which goes to show how far images can be changed and lies spread as a result MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan
  • We also recall how little she knows of Canada after living there since 1984 as she thought the Canadian population was 9million and not 33.5million –
  • Having gone to see supposed ‘family’ she seems to have also missed out on visiting the Jaffna University (as her hotel was just walking distance away) as we also recall how she made a hue and cry about students being denied their right to protest and offer worship to slain martyr Prabakaran? In Sri Lanka we do not offer blessings to terrorists – why would anyone wish to offer to light a lamp to terrorists whose record of achievements are nothing but killing?

What the drama of Rathika in Sri Lanka revealed and exposed is important for it highlighted the dizzy lengths the Tamil-Eelam lobbyists are going to and we will not be surprised with a 300,000 so Tamil community they soon start demanding Eelam in Canada for they have had an easy endeavour putting Canadian White MPs into their pockets and to dance to their tunes.

Moreover, it would certainly be interesting to find out what would happen if a Sri Lankan MP were to go to Canada on a ‘tourist’ visa and find out how wonderfully the Canadians are looking after the human rights of indigenous Canadians, the real natives of Canada?

One good that has come out of the clandestine visit though it has exposed a lot of hypocrisies and lies….