Canteen Owners to suspend the sale of Milk Tea

Asela Sampath

The All Island Canteen Owners Association has decided to suspend the sale of milk tea due to the increase in prices of milk powder.

Speaking to the media, President of the Association Asela Sampath said if customers request, they intend to make milk tea using condensed / canned milk at restaurants. However, a cup of milk tea with condensed / canned milk might be priced at Rs 80, he added.

“This decision was reached with the recent price hike of milk powder. We cannot provide substandard milk tea to consumers. If the consumers insist, then a cup of milk tea prepared with milk powder would be sold at Rs 60, at least. We hope consumers will understand the situation,” added Sampath.

Sampath alleged the Government is continuing its policy of creating shortages, queues and increasing the prices of goods, and warned that they will reap the repercussions of their actions in due course.