Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith rules out supporting any Presidential candidate

Malcolm Ranjith

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith says that he is not supporting any party or candidate in the Presidential Election, scheduled for November 16.

Addressing an event to promote good governance in Colombo last week, the cardinal said that  an attempt was being made to interpret some of his sermons and  speeches to project an impression that he was backing a particular party or presidential candidate.

That interpretation he pointed out was far from  the truth, since his objective was to protect the dignity and rights of all Sri Lankans ,which was also the duty of all religious leaders.

The cardinal stressed that he was not there to  promote or protect any politician.

“What I am concerned about is how shabbily politicians treat the people, after having used them as ladders to capture power, thinking that they could remain in power forever and do whatever they wanted. It is such mentality that has led to the emergence of white vans, heinous crimes and massive corruption. I am looking forward to the day  when religious leaders will  not be seen sitting like flower pots at political events”, he added.

Cardinal Ranjith referring to the oft quoted remark ” love thy country”, said that  loving ones country chiefly meant love for its people, because a country did not  consist of only buildings, tree, lakes and rivers.

(Source: The Island – By Zacki Jabbar)