Chemical fertilizer ban will benefit a few cronies – JVP

Vijitha Herath - JVP

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) MP Vijitha Herath told journalists in Colombo yesterday (10) that the decision to use organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer was a good one but added it had a hidden agenda and what appears on the surface is not on the inside.

Herath said the government’s decision to stop chemical fertilizers and import organic fertilizers will help pro-government businessmen.

He said it was a clear sign that pro-government businessmen were sacrificing the lives of farmers in the country for their personal benefit.He said that although the government should have taken action to make the process of producing organic fertilizer locally and eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers in a long-term manner, the decision taken at a sudden was a boon to a number of businessmen and a step taken by the government only to please them.

(Source: Daily News – By Bakthi Mendis)