Christmas Messages

Merry Christmas

Christmas Messages from Colombo Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa.

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Share with the poor, shun exterior merriments – Cardinal

Christmas should be celebrated giving priority to those who are in need during this difficult pandemic time as it is a day that marks humbleness and spirituality, Colombo Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith said in his Christmas massage yesterday (24).

The Cardinal also noted, “In the circumstances of today, especially in our own country, there are many people who have been affected by all kinds of difficulties, especially in the face of COVID-19 pandemic and the disaster it caused to the economy of this country. As a result of that hundreds of families have become poor. The difference between the poor and the middle class has vanished. Therefore more and more people are suffering economic hardships and terrible difficulties. In this situation when we celebrate Christmas, we must be conscious about our responsibilities towards the poor.”

The Cardinal also emphasized that celebration of Christmas should focus more on interior values and spirituality rather than exterior merriments and commercialization.

“Dear friends, as the month of December dawns we are reminded of Christmas. And we can see that already the market place gets ready to welcome Christmas and lot of good things are exhibited in the showcases. Many get ready to celebrate the Christmas, more in the external forum than the internal forum. We often tend to forget that the central figure in this celebration, the Jesus Christ, we celebrate the birth of him on that cold morning of winter in Bethlehem. Therefore it is basically a religious festival. It is not something nearly commercial. There is nothing wrong in celebrating even with the externals, but we must always remember that the festival of Christmas reminds us that the God loves us intensely and therefore he wish to be born among us and save us from sin and selfishness.

Christmas Celebrate with kindness and love – President

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Christmas, signifying the Nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ, is a noble religious feast that rejoices, bringing love and peace not only for Christians in Sri Lanka and across the world, but for all mankind, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said in his Christmas message.

He said: The spiritual essence of Christmas is the redemption of all by serving for the good of the society. Christianity shows the way for a lifestyle of goodness liberated from the darkness of sin by eliminating misconceptions through noble teachings such as peace, kindness and love. The Lord Jesus Christ places great value in letting mankind truly experience the love of God in their lives by living in compassion and love towards each other and helping the oppressed brothers and sisters in society. Even in a social context, the culture associated with Christmas is one that is refreshing, wonderful and welcoming. Therefore, the culture of Christmas makes a wondrous impression in the minds of all, irrespective of nationality, religion or age.

In the face of the current global pandemic, this year’s Christmas season is to be celebrated in accordance with health guidelines. During nearly two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the spiritual imagination and the discipline inculcated in us by our religions have been instrumental in controlling the pandemic on an individual and collective level and as a nation. For this Christmas, I wish a happy and blessed Christmas in which the gospel of love of the Lord Jesus Christ reaches the hearts of all Sri Lankan Christian brothers and sisters and all those around the world.

Share peace and love with community – Prime Minister

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said God’s love must be shared with all this Christmas season.The Great Christmas festival, a symbol of peace and love on earth, commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. God’s love and human dignity were a reliable foundation for a society that accepts humanity. Born in a manger in a poor cattle shed in Bethlehem, Jesus set an example from his birth to look at the world realistically. Those with wonderful hearts share peace. They also love the enemy who hates them.

Love revives their lives in the sense of peace and brotherhood. Jesus Christ devoted his whole life to liberating the oppressed people of society and creating a better society on earth.

The life of every Christian is enlightened by properly recognizing that vision and shaping their lives according to the life of Jesus Christ with spiritual purity.

It’s up to you to bring new meaning to a world shattered by the COVID pandemic, as well as to make Christmas meaningful through the good wishes of hope.

I wish that under the theme “Starlight, Christian Birth, Awakening of the World,” this Christmas will be a meaningful Christmas where every Christian in the world and in Sri Lanka as well can enjoy the wonder of a real Christmas!

Share peace and love with community – Prime Minister

Sajith Premadasa

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa requested all Sri Lankans to celebrate the true essence of Christmas during the pandemic-stricken difficult time period.

In a special Christmas message, the Opposition Leader observed, “Today, Sri Lankans as well as people all over the world are going through a very difficult time. A virus has taken complete control of the normal functioning of human life for two years.

In such a situation, Christmas has to be celebrated with a strong focus on health guidelines. I hope the true meaning of Christmas is safe in your heart if you can focus as much as you can on yourself and your neighbour living through the most difficult times here.”

Premadasa further observed, “Christmas is a special day that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, who was born as a human being to redeem mankind from sin. Christmas, the theme of love, peace and brotherhood, is not only a religious festival of Christians, but also a cultural festival celebrated by countless people all over the world, regardless of race, religion, party, color, young or old. The Bible says, ‘The good man sows what is good in his heart, and the bad man sows what is bad in his heart.’It is clear that the Lord Jesus has shown the way to dedicate oneself to a good, humane country, a world. God reveals to us the mysterious nature of human life and its supreme value, as He desires to come into the human world from the heavenly world and live in a human body and to grow up in a human family.

Therefore, Christmas gives us the unique message of understanding that meaning and having a humane mindset that brings respect to all human beings and a greater sensitivity to nature and the environment as a whole.”

“It is important to celebrate the dawn of Christmas by following the example of the great humanity of the love and mercy that the Lord Jesus brought into the world. Christmas is a great way to get rid of bad thoughts and to make a living as a loving citizen by realizing the true essence of Christmas. I suggest that we celebrate in a more meaningful way the special day of the birth of the human world of the Lord Child who brought that great, noble, great message.” the massage also read.

(Courtesy: Daily News)