COVID-19 crisis crucial than 20th Amendment – Omaple thera

Omalpe Sobitha thera

Venerable Omalpe Sobitha says reaching political decisions at a time that the country is facing a crisis is unacceptable.

The venerable expressing his views on the 20th Amendment to the Constitution said all Members of Parliament must act true to their conscious.

Speaking to media the venerable said postponing or cancelling the 20th Amendment would be the most suitable action at the time.

Sobhitha thera said society has been torn apart, claiming it is not a time for politicians to play games, adding that the Constitutional Amendment can be discussed after the COVID-19 crisis is averted.

Sobhitha thera stressed that all individuals must come together to rid the country from the threat of the coronavirus and focus on political activities at a later time.

(Source: News Radio)