Cyril Dharmawardana passes away

Cyril Dharmawardana

Veteran actor and former Southern Provincial Council member  Cyril Dharmawardana (67) passed away today (November 8) at the Melbourne Peter Mac Hospital in Australia after battling cancer for the past couple of years, industry sources said.

Cyril Jayatissa  Dharmawardana who studied at Richmond College, Galle made his debut as an actor in Henry Jayasena’s play ‘Manaranjana Weda Warjana’. He later acted in stage plays like Makara, Apata Puthe Magak Nethe, Diriya Mawa, Duwili etc. but his role as Saranapala in Kelani Palama became the turning point in his career.

As a film actor he displayed his prowess in Walampuri, Hima Gira, Mother Teresa, Ammai Duwai and other creations apart from tele dramas like Giraya, Bodima, Nadee Geethaya, Hiruta Muwawen (Indiappa Kathawa), Siwu Diya Dahara and several others.

Cyril was married to well known author Swarna Kanthi Rajapakse.

(Courtesy: DM Online)