Daljith Aluwihare removed as Matale Mayor

Daljith Aluwihare

Governor of the Central Province Lalith U Gamage has issued an Extraordinary Gazette Notification, removing Daljith Aluwihare from his post as Mayor of the Matale Municipal Council.

Retired High Court Judge Kusala Sarojini Weerawardena handed over the report of the investigation into the allegations against Daljith Aluvihare to the Central Province Governor, Lalith U. Gamage, on November 24.

The relevant report gives evidence that the Mayor of the Matale Municipal Council has committed the misdeeds referred in Subsections 277 (1) (a), (c), (d), and (e) of the Municipal Council Ordinance (Chapter 252) while discharging his duties and duties.

Therefore, action has been taken to remove him from office under the Municipal Councils Ordinance.

The gazette also stated:

AS per the final report handed over to me on 24.11.2020 with observations and conclusions made by, conducting an inquiry and considering evidence, documents and written submissions of the complainant and respondent by the Commission of Inquiry, appointed by me by the Extraordinary Gazette No. 2190/24 dated 25.08.2020 to inquire allegations made against Mr. Daljith Nandalal Aluvihare, Mayor of the Municipal Council Matale by the Deputy Mayor together with a group of council members, and to report within 3 months whether he has committed any misdeed described in section 277(1) of the amended Municipal Council Ordinance ( Chapter 252) as the Mayor of the Municipal Council Matale, And since I am satisfied that there is sufficient proof of misdeeds referred to in subsections 277(1)(a),(c),(d) and (e) on the part of Mr. Daljith Nandalal Aluvihare, Mayor of the Municipal Council Matale.