Deepavali spreads message of joy – President

President Mahinda Rajapaksa

Deepavali, known as the Festival of Light, has special significance as an expression of spiritual richness in the Hindu tradition, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said in a message to mark Deepavali.

The President said:“It marks the victory of good over evil, and bringing the light of knowledge over the darkness of ignorance that are the eternal quests of humankind.

It also signifies the progress made in the constant struggle of people for a better life, in keeping with the great spiritual values and traditions of Hinduism.

“Today, as the Hindus of Sri Lanka join their kindred believers the world over to celebrate this great festival, it brings much hope for greater understanding among communities, increased harmony among people and the shedding of differences that keep people apart, which comes from the light of understanding of Deepavali.

“The celebration of Deepavali, with its emphasis on light, will spread a message of joy among those who follow and cherish Hindu teaching, and offer expectations of peace and tranquility through the spirit of sharing.

“I wish all Hindu devotees a happy and peaceful Deepavali.”