Digital vaccination card launched by Government

Digital vaccination card launched by Sri Lanka Government

The government has launched an internationally recognised digital vaccination card for those who have received both doses of a vaccine against COVID-19.

State Minister of Digital Technology Namal Rajapaksa handed over the first digital vaccination card to the Secretary of the National Gymnastic Association Kapila Jeewantha who received it on behalf of the Sri Lankan contingent that is due to leave for Tokyo, Japan for the Olympic games.

The digital vaccination cards are issued by the government and will have a unique QR code that will provide individuals from across the globe access to vaccine related information of the cardholder.

It is a QR code unique to Sri Lanka and can be submitted from any country in the world to the relevant sector and verified through the website of the Ministry of Health.

The digital vaccination card is a project of the Information and Communication Technology Agency and will contain the name of the individual, age, the National Identity Card number, the date of vaccination and the type and the batch number of the relevant vaccine.

The State Ministry of Digital Technology said applications to obtain the digital vaccination card will be made available through the Health Ministry website in the near future.

(Source: News Radio)