Duminda Silva released; Case withdrawn

The case against UPFA MP Duminda Silva and Hansil Ishar for the alleged sexual abuse of an underage girl was withdrawn yesterday after the lawyer representing the victim, claimed that the case was causing ‘emotional distress’ to his client.

High Court Judge Sunil Rajapakse acquitted and released MP Silva and Ishar from the charges and consequently finding that the two accused were innocent for the charges.

At the outset of the trial Counsel M.C.M. Muneer appearing with Ms. Amali Ishara Gonaduwa for the aggrieved party filing an affidavit submitted that his client was not in a position to give evidence in the case as she was in trauma and consequently to release her from the case.

State Counsel Chaminda Jayasinghe who appeared for the prosecution observed that due to the standpoint of the aggrieved party the prosecution couldn’t go on with the case and moved to withdraw the case.

Accordingly the judge acquitted the accused. Presidents Counsel Anil Silva appeared for Duminda Silva.

Senior Counsel Anuja Premaratna with Amila Kaluarachchi appeared for the second accused Hansil Ishar.

Courtesy: DM Online