Education Ministry’s update on school activities for next week

Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka

All government and government approved private schools in Sri Lanka will operate on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during next week, the Ministry of Education said.

Also, a decision was taken to continue with online teaching practices on Friday when schools are not functioning.

The decision has been taken in view of 11th August (Thursday) being a Poya day, and due to the requirement of conducting schools at least three days per week.

Accordingly, for the next week, students will be able to go to school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and will be able to engage in online learning activities on Friday (August 12).

However, schools which are not severely affected by transport issues, can be held for four days (including Friday) with the consent of the Regional Director of Education, and a flexible schedule can be prepared such that every teacher is able to come to school at least three days a week to carry out teaching activities.