Eelaam is a Church funded LTTE-driven Pan-Christian Political Agenda

No Tamil Eelam

– by Shenali Waduge –

Abrahamic religions and the violence, expansionism and advocacy of conversion are nothing that can be kept hidden or denied. “Spreading the Good” has led to purging of territories and their wealth and excommunicating natives and their unique cultures. Current fears associated with the repetition of past colonial crimes needs to be empathized in view of the objective of both Christianity and Islam competing for world hegemony. The Church is Christianity’s first soldier and it is becoming more and more evident that behind most terrorists’ activities the Abrahamic religions prevail. LTTE was simply a pawn of the Church to advance a Pan-Christian political agenda that aims to create a satellite Christian autonomous state out of Tamil Nadu and North Sri Lanka (in a Sudan style divide). LTTE’s demise does not mean that ambition is over.

Church refers to all denominations as well as Christian funding agencies, Christian NGOs, Christian Governments and countries that use evangelization and militant Christian missionaries as instruments of foreign policy in countries of Asia and Africa. Church in generic form also applies to the UN that enforces only Western Christian liberal principles applicable to all even if they infringe on Eastern cultures and values.


Continents of Africa and Asia were conquered by Christianity promoting colonials. They divided the populace and converted people along communal and linguistic lines. That doctrine is vigorously advocated with competition between Abrahamic religions (Christianity and Islam) to convert people in Africa and Asia. Their objectives are facilitated by self-serving politicians and the manipulation of secularism and multiculturalism helped by non-Christians/non-Muslims ready to sell their souls.

Across the globe, the separatist secessionist and political insurgement movements are either backed by the Church or followers of Islamic fundamentalism. The 1991 Rwanda genocide an example of Vaticans role in financing the genocide.  

India was divided as Aryan(Brahmin) and Non-Brahmin(Dravidian) and Hindi-Tamil. In Sri Lanka, the Church divided people as Sinhalese-Tamils and infiltrated the State through Sinhala Christian/Tamil Christians to purposely segregate the majority Buddhists.

The Church uses to perfection tenets of democracy to control impoverished nations in both Africa and Asia. The strategy is simple – communities are turned against each other and they step in as referee with the solutions.

Solutions are never meant to help Hindu-Buddhists or Sinhalese-Tamils from actually rebuilding severed ties. Thus, a paradigm shift in thinking is certainly necessary and both Hindus and Buddhists need to know who the real enemy is. The reality is that Buddhists and the Tamil Hindus are being systematically disempowered.

Tamil Nadu’s “Dravidian movement” meant it wanted to be led by Britain while it was Christian import Chelvanayagam that called for a “Greater Dravida Nadu” connecting India and Sri Lanka – the exact plan of the Church. LTTE was simply a mercenary outfit given tacit approval to kill innocent people so long as it would buy time until the creation of that pan-Christian “state” with the necessary numbers of converted Christians on both sides of the Palk Strait.  


Many wonder why the West is angered that Sri Lanka has eliminated the LTTE. That anger stems from destroying their investment – the heroic armed forces have managed to dislodge the LTTE from the Eelaam-Church nexus, the robot the West was using to create a Christian foothold in Asia that would combine a future separate Tamil Nadu and the geopolitically important nation of Sri Lanka. Now they have to use plan B of the same strategy.

We can now understand why LTTE didn’t accept the solutions offered because the LTTE were merely interim beneficiaries to a greater plan. Whether Prabakaran was aware of it was immaterial because he was dependent on these alliances for his own survival – his supremacy was limited to what stood within the Church agenda.

LTTE was first the robot of India but with the killing of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 it prostituted itself to become the pawn of Christian West to facilitate the Christian agenda in Asia.


Prabakaran became Christian. Most of LTTE’s top tier leaders were also Christian or hid their Christian identity with Hindu names. The cadres were almost all low-caste impoverished Hindus. It would be interesting to find out how many of the LTTE cadres knew they too were pawns of Church sponsored Terrorism via LTTE.

One of the best kept secrets is that the LTTE had many ties to the Church.

For example, most of the top cadre of the LTTE were apparently Christians:

  • Prabhakaran aka Pirapaharan (Christian convert, a lapsed Methodist)
  • S.P. Tamil Selvam – Christian
  • Balraj (Balasegaram Kandiah) – Christian
  • Pottu Amman (Christian)
  • Prabhakaran’s son Charles Anthony – Christian
  • Anton Balasingham – a Roman Catholic and LTTE’s self-declared “theoretician”.
  • Soosai (Thillaiyampalam Sivanesan) – Christian
  • Thenmozhi Rajaratnam (nickname Dhanu), Rajiv Gandhi’s suicide bomber assassin – Christian

Church clergy openly supporting LTTE

  • Frs. Singarayer, Diyogupillai, Prof. (Fr.) Joseph Chandrakanthan, from the Department of Theology at the University of Toronto, a former President of the University of Jaffna Teacher’s Association
  • Father Jagat Gasper Raj-LTTE links.
  • Fr. S. J. Emmanuel, former Vicar—General of Jaffna, who is now residing in Germany, is a prime example of the Church joining hands with the LTTE. He is on record saying that he is first a Tamil and then a Christian. He called Prabhakaran Jesus Christ, the LTTE soldiers of Christ, the suicide bombers, martyrs of the Catholic  Church to whom the Church provided a Catholic burial, and self-proclaimed himself, the Moses who would lead the Tamil nation from the bondage of the Sinhalese-Buddhists to the land chosen for them by God: Ealam. He leads the Global Tamil Forum.
  • Pro-LTTE S. Jebanesan, Bishop of the Church of South India (CSI), who said that he too was working on a theology for the Tamils. A theology only for the Tamils excludes Sinhala Christians.
  • Prof. S. Chandrakanthan attached to the Theology Department of the Toronto University, Canada is also pro-separatist pro-LTTE
  • Rev. Dick Wootton of Uniting Church, Melbourne, Australia
  • Bishop Kenneth Fernando of the Anglican Church, visited Prabakaran with Charles Abeysekera and Jayadeva Uyangoda and announced that “Prabakaran is humane” shocking all.
  • Rev Sr. Mary Barbara, Dr Anita Nesiah, M. Rajasigham, Joe William and T. Jayasingham of the National Peace Council are all supporters of LTTE.
  • Rajappu Joseph Bishop of Mannar, declared open the “Embassy of the Tamil Eelam”, the Eelam House in London.

The Mylapore Diocese works closely with former Tamil Nadu chief Minister while the CSI Church of South India keeps ties with the present Chief Minister.

Dixit too claimed that the entire Tamil clergy of the country supported the LTTE and obviously still do whilst the Sinhala Catholic and Christian clergy along with influential evangelical elites also support the same cause.

LTTE Voice of Tigers tied up with Radio Veritas, a Catholic broadcasting station run by Asian Catholic Bishops Conference based in Philippines. The Tamil Service of the Radio Veritas is run by the Tamil Catholics of Tamil Nadu. Voice of Tigers had a “coordinating office” inside St. Sebastians Church in Mallavi, Wanni the office was opened by pro-LTTE supporter Bishop of Mannar Fr. Rayappu Joseph. This same priest played a key role in getting the army out of the Madhu church premises though allowing LTTE to operate from inside the Church! Incidentally, Alfred Duraiappa the first assassin of Prabakaran had got off at the Madhu Church before proceeding to Jaffna and many believe it was a tip off from the Church that informed Prabakaran of Mr. Duraiappah’s arrival to Jaffna leading to his death.

Partisan role of the National Christian Council of SL and affiliates (SL Baptist Sangamaya, Christian Reformed Church of SL, Diocese of Kurunegala of the Church of Ceylon, Diocese of Colombo of the Church of Ceylon, Methodist Church, Sri Lanka, Presbyterian Church, Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India, The Salvation Army, YWCA of Sri Lanka, YMCA of Sri Lanka, Ceylon Bible Society, Christian Literature Society, Students Christian Movement, Commission for Justice and Peace) have been working to balkanize Sri Lanka and have colluded with LTTE propaganda tarnishing the image of the country. This is proven by the World Council of Churches promoting the concept of traditional homeland theory in 1994 at the UNHRC in Geneva.

National Peace Council was formed in 1995 with the backing of NCCSL donors includes Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, NORAD, SLIDA and a number of EU, German donor organizations.

NCCSL and supporters take great pains to deny Sinhala Buddhists played a role in building the Sri Lankan nation and favorite topics include “state colonization”, “Tamil homeland” “ethnic war”, “Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism”, “genocide of Tamils” etc and have never referred to LTTE as a terrorist organization and rarely mentions atrocities committed by LTTE. Their reports and papers end up being quoted by the West. The concept of “self-determination” is being pushed by these Church forces to facilitate the creation of a Church-sponsored state.

Rev. Father Tissa Balasooriya needs special mention for his attempts to build bridges and unite people rather than disunite them.


Tamil Hindus need to realize they were or are not part of any Eelam being promoted in either Tamil Nadu or Sri Lanka. There are enough clues for the Tamil Hindus to realize this. Tamil Hindus need to open their eyes and think.

a) Prabakaran demanded a separate state before highlighting discriminations is clearly indicative of the end goal devoid of compromise because that was the orders given. LTTE did not speak on behalf of Tamils discriminated in other parts of the world also shows LTTE’s lack of real concern for Tamils except to establish the end goal of a separate state for Christian West. That separate state was not meant for Tamil Hindus.

b) Why did Prabakaran kill the entire moderate thinking Tamil Hindu leaders, politicians, academics and people respected in society? Did Prabakaran’s actions show any evidence that he or the LTTE were interested in protecting and fostering Tamil Hindu culture? The reality is Prabakaran made a mockery of Hindus and Hindu culture. Was it not the Hindus that lost lives, property and created the rift between Hindus and Buddhists in Sri Lanka (both followers of Hindu civilization religions and culturally closer than all others?) Did the LTTE not rule 90% of the Tamil Hindus through fear?

c) By breaking the rigid caste factor LTTE was helping a long term plan.

d) Why were nations of the West so supportive of the LTTE quest enough to allow London to be openly known as its international head-quarters?

e) Can Tamil Hindus and Buddhists not see the amount of efforts being used through pro-Christian media channels to chagrin Buddhists and Hindus

f) Can Tamil Hindus and Buddhists not see how many of the pro-Christian humanitarian organizations set up over 3 decades actually employed non-Christians? See how economically disadvantaged the ordinary Hindus and especially the Buddhists are.


There is little debate that the strategy of the Church is to turn Tamil Nadu into a Christian state. Investments made in communication networks, journalism and other mass communication, television networks, schools, buying acres of land, putting up prayer houses close to Hindu temples, establishing foreign Christian missionaries, presence of NGOs, AID agencies and financing various projects is clear evidence.

That is not all the Church’s investments include using human weaknesses to plant Christians into ruling families, generous donations that assures silence of even politicians.

When the Church has money they know how to use it – the target audience invariably becomes self-serving politicians, the vulnerable, the ambitious and the greedy. Through them the damage is artfully executed.

The power of the Church is such that the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu even repealed the anti-conversion law (in 2004) implemented by her own Government. For this she was rewarded with the Golden Star for Dignity and Honor from the International Human Rights Defense Committee (a Christian organization funded by USAID). She was also awarded with the “Bharath Jyothi” in 2005 and evangelist K A Paul presented Rs.1crores for tsunami relief. In 2003, Sri Lanka’s Buddhist and Hindu leaders also drafted a anti-conversion bill but heavy Church influence upon the Government has ensured reluctance to implement it.

There are some 3000 Churches/parachurches in and around Chennai, 46 Bible colleges, 23 Christian media centers, 122 Christian magazines in English and Tamil, 114 church planting missions. The Church sponsors rallies, posters, conventions etc. Christianity is broadcast via national Doordarshan, satellite/cable channels of GOD TV, CBN, TBN, MiracleNet, Daystar TV, Raj TV, Zee TV, Vijay TV, Blessing TV, Angel TV, Shalom TV, Jeevan TV and web-based telecasts like Jesus Calls, Num.TV. These Christian channels are relayed to 216 cities across India to an audience of 21million.

The Church’s successes in India include Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and the coastal states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Adhdra Pradesh.

South of Cuddalore every fishing hamlet along Tamil Nadu’s vast coastline is almost 100% Christian with the Church getting Tamil Nadu fishermen to intrude into Sri Lankan waters with a gameplan to exert pressure on both Delhi and Sri Lanka and to provoke


The strategy of evangelists have been adopting is to continuously provoke people who do not agree to their line of thinking to the point of provoking attack and thereafter accusing them of intolerance and fanaticism and being communal. The increase of mosques/churches in Buddhist hinterland is one such example. Of course biased coverage is backed by reports that claim religious freedom is deteriorating due to Buddhist racists in Sri Lanka.

What we see before us the application of Dominionism – where Christians believe they have a God-given right to rule all earthly institutions. This has turned into a political agenda rather than a theological one which is why there are numbers of Christians who do not accept this current methodology. Most Christians are ignorant of these pan-Christian geo-regional plans. This new wave of Christian-Islamism at a political level are dangerous because it eats into the emotions of people and devastates their rational thinking.

The situation in South Asia is that there is a plan to destroy Hindu control in Tamil Nadu and Buddhist control in Sri Lanka. Pro-Christian politicians and self-serving non-Christian politicians are being influenced to legally and constitutionally change provisions that place Hinduism and Buddhism at official levels. The changes recommended to the national anthem, national ID cards, suggestion to remove Sinhala/Tamil New Year, blocking anti-conversion laws etc are such ploys being used.

It is important to view India’s stance on Sri Lanka after 2004 under the Italian leadership of the Congress. Tamil Nadu politicians are acting under orders and India’s Central Government, at least the Hindu leaders need to realize the impending dangers for their country. Sorry to say country’s ruling party chairperson is no friend to India.

The dangers India faces is the gullibility of political parties in Tamil Nadu to Christian strategies and the cluelessness of the BJP in Tamil Nadu giving Church-run Congress a cake-walk to balkanize India totally ridiculing the 82% Hindus of Bharath.


Is to revive Hindu-Buddhist unity that the colonials purposely divided. For that objective a strong political agenda must prevail in Hindu leadership in India while a complimentary Buddhist scenario must prevail in Sri Lanka to save the two nations from disintegrating.

  • Tamils and Sinhalese must re-unite
  • Buddhists and Hindu’s must reunite
  • Both have no fear of converting each other and both are culturally linked and share common factors

The Leaderships of both nations need to realize the dangers that lurk for both nations and their people and place their own ambitions aside to ensure two of the oldest cultures of the world doesn’t fall to ruin by the decisions they take or do not take