Efficient, corruption free public service my aim – President

Gotabaya Rajapaksa - President of Sri Lanka

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said inefficiency in the public service will end during his tenure of office.

He said that all government institutions which are close to the day to day life of the public should run in an efficient and transparent manner and they should be free from corruption.

“Every successive government in the country earned public wrath due to inefficiency of the public service,” he said.

The President was of the view that unnecessary rules and regulations should be amended to ensure efficiency in the government service.

The President was addressing senior Transport Ministry officials at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday. “It is the duty of government servants numbering over 1.5 million to ensure that the confidence of the people in the public service is not diminished,” he said.The President said a committee was appointed to enrol capable hands with high standards of professionalism to the government service as it is the backbone of the country.

“The government service should be free from all corruption and malpractices. Intelligence services and the Criminal Investigation Departments have been issued specific instructions to look into corruption and malpractices taking place in the public sector,” he said.

The President said government servants involved in corruption or frauds will be severely dealt with irrespective of their status and they will not be given any appointments in the government service in the future.

“The impression of foreign investors and the world towards the country depends on the conduct of the government service. Salaries and other facilities of pubic servants can only be enhanced by strengthening the public service,”he said.

The President said public servants are paid from the revenues generated by expatriate workers and those involved in agriculture and other sectors. “All government servants should dedicate themselves to provide a quality service to the public,” he said.

(Source: Daily News)