Electricity, petroleum production, fuel supply, and health, declared as essential services

Gazette Sri Lanka

President Ranil Wickremesinghe has issued a gazette notification to be effective from September 03, 2022, specifying once again the supply of power and all related services, petroleum production and fuel supply or distribution and health services as essential services for maintaining normalcy of life of the public.

This gazette notification was published in accordance with the powers vested in the President under Section 2 of the Essential Public Services Act No. 61 of 1979, in accordance with the request made with the recommendations of the relevant Ministers of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Power and Energy to make health services, petroleum and electricity essential services.

Previously, an announcement dated 08-03-2022 was issued pursuant to the powers assigned to the President stating that these services are essential services.

The Prime Minister’s Secretary was instructed to take necessary steps to table a resolution in Parliament regarding the said gazette notification, and after the adoption of the resolution, the order remained valid for a period of one month. Accordingly, the validity period of the notification ended after 2022-09-02.

Since a request was again submitted to the President with the recommendations of the subject ministers, steps have been taken to announce the aforementioned services as essential services from September 03, 2022 through a gazette announcement.