Extremists have invaded Parliament – Namal

Namal Rajapaksa

United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa, yesterday (17), alleged that extremists not only have injected fear into the minds of people, but also invaded Parliament.

Addressing a public gathering, Rajapaksa further said such MPs spread racism and extremism just to gain advantage at upcoming elections.

“Right now, people cannot go to their religious places without fear. Parents are scared for the lives of their kids. Devotees are scared for the safety of their religious places. Some politicians knew about this danger. But they ignored that and let it happen anyway. Now, they are appointing committee after committee to do so-called investigations on the Easter Sunday terror attacks.

If they acted on warnings, they could have avoided that unfortunate attack. But they did not. This is a Sinhala-Buddhist country and everyone accepts that.

Therefore, to eliminate extremism, we should create a Buddhist temple
-centred society in Sri Lanka. That way, we will be able to address the matter of growing extremism in Sri Lanka,” he claimed.

(Source: Ceylon Today – By Methmalie Dissanayake)