Father & brother of two Easter Sunday suicide bombers granted bail

A suicide bomber of Easter attacks in Sri Lanka

Mohamed Ibrahim, the father of two suicide bombers, Mohamed Ibrahim Ilham Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim Insaf Ahmed who detonated suicide bombs at two leading hotels in Colombo in the 2019 Easter Sunday attack was granted bail today (May 25).

A brother of two suicide bombers was also granted bail.

The order was issued by Colombo Fort Magistrate Nawarathne Marasinghe.

The two were released on a Rs.200,000 cash bail and three surety bails of Rs.1 million each and banned any overseas travel while their passports were impounded.

The father, Mohamed Ibrahim, and his son were ordered to appear before the Criminal Investigation Department on the first and last Sunday monthly.

A bail request for a third suspect in the case, another brother in the family, was rejected.

Soon after the coordinated terror attacks on the 21st of April in 2019, Mohamed Yusuf Ibrahim, a prominent spice trader in the country, was taken into custody for concealing evidence.

Spice businessman’s two sons, Mohamed Ibrahim Ilham Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim Insaf Ahmed had attacked the Shangri-La hotel and Cinnamon Grand in Colombo, respectively, as a part of the series of suicide bombings executed at other places simultaneously.

The attacks were orchestrated by the ringleader of the local terror group National Thowheed Jamaath (NTJ), who executed the blast at the Shangri-La hotel along with Mohamed Ibrahim Ilham Ahmed.