Frozen food prices in Sri Lanka will increase – Asela Sampath

Asela Sampath

The All-Island Canteen Owners’ Association predicts that the price of refrigerated and frozen goods such as yoghurt, ice cream and meat will increase due to the 75 percent hike in electricity tariffs.

Chairman Asela Sampath said to the media that the restaurant owners will be severely affected by increase in tariffs.

He said that the electricity bill was increased after the price reduction of food items by the Canteen Owners Association.

He said, a regular cup of tea had been reduced by Rs.30 and lunch packets by 10 percent to attract customers to restaurants once again.

Sampath added they too are affected by the price hike including electricity bills at stores in addition to prices of refrigerated food items.

He noted that manufacturing companies will determine prices which will be imposed on the public.