Gazette issued removing control price of several food items

Gazette Sri Lanka

The Special Commodity Levy of Rs. 65 imposed per kilogram of imported rice has been reduced to 25 cents for the next six months.

Minister of Finance Basil Rajapaksa has made these tax deductions in accordance with the powers vested for him under the Special Commodity Levy Act, the six-month tax deduction period is effective from November 02.

Meanwhile, Gazette Notification has been issued by the Consumer Affairs Authority removing the maximum retail price imposed on 17 essential food items including sugar, dhal, potatoes, big onions, wheat flour, milk powder and chicken.

The gazette issued rescinds seven gazette notifications pertaining to existing price controls on several food items, and the new gazette comes into effect from yesterday (03).

The gazette issued on the 02nd of September, imposing a price control on white sugar and raw sugar was accordingly revoked through the new gazette.

Additionally the gazette notification regarding the maximum retail price imposed on dhal, big onion and canned fish on March 17, 2020 has also been cancelled.

Two gazette notifications issued on March 12 last year imposing control prices on maize and poultry have also been cancelled.

The gazette notification declaring maximum retail prices for dried fruits, coconuts and dhal on 06th December 2017 and the gazette notification on 27th January 2017 declaring maximum retail prices for dried rice flies, green gram, imported potatoes was also cancelled.

The gazette notification issued on July 14, 2016 declaring the maximum retail price for chickpeas, wheat flour and imported milk powder will also be removed.