Gazette notification to protect people – Pavithra

Pavithra Wanniarachchi

Everything has been done to protect Sri Lankans from COVID-19. Issuing the Gazette notification is a part of this process, Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi said.

According to Minister Wanniarachchi, imposing the Rs.10,000 fine and six months imprisonment for not following COVID-19 health guidelines as per the Gazette notification is not aimed at making people face hardships.

The objective is to protect people from the virus.

‘I was not happy to sign the Gazette but I had to do it on behalf of the people. COVID-19 has not reached the fourth level (community spread) yet in Sri Lanka’, she said.

Community spread means COVID-19 patients are there in many parts of the country without an origin. But still there is an origin/link for all patients in the country. It is easy for the health authorities and others to control this virus under lockdown, similar to the past but people would suffer without an income if the country is locked down again, she added.

(Source: The Sunday Observer)