Getting closer to Dharma will help build a society of maithriya, goodwill – President

Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena

It is with the much tranquility of devotion that I send this message on the occasion of the Triple Festival of Vesak, which comes with the Buddha’s message of compassion to all beings, President Maithripala Sirisena stated in a message to mark Vesak.

The message: “Having tarried through innumerable eras in Samsara to achieve the Tenfold Perfection, Vesak Day marks triple events in the life of the Buddha, with his birth at Lumbini as a prince of the Sakya Clan of Bharatha; his attaining Enlightenment through the strength of determination, having abandoned worldly pleasures and taking to an ascetic life; and attaining Parinirvana at Kusinara, having preached for 45 years, to show the way to Nirvana and the end of all suffering.

It is a cause for joy that this message of the Buddha, for humankind and all beings, to be free of suffering and achieve the eternal bliss of Nirvana, prevails with great influence and strength in this our island home, to this day. By getting closer to this Dharma that transcends all time and making it part of our lives, will help build a society of Maithriya or Tolerance and Goodwill.

Observing the Five Precepts taught by the Buddha for the benefit of humans, is also an asset of knowledge and understanding that helps protect the rights of all beings on this earth. The birth of the Buddha under the shade of a Sal tree, his achieving Enlightenment under the shade of a Bodhi tree or Ficus Religiosa and his achieving Parinirvana in a large field of trees, has brought a great message of the close relationship that should exist between humans and nature; which is a core value in the teachings of Buddhism.

This Vesak Festival a great blessing that dawns at a time when we are taking action to build a society that will ensure co-existence, equality and justice to all, nurtured by the Buddhist teachings of Maithriya – tolerance and goodwill, Mudhitha – sympathetic joy, Karuna – compassion and Upekha – equanimity.

It is my wish and prayer on this occasion that our people who are fortunate to learn and experience the teachings of the Buddha, would follow these teachings and through this obtain spiritual liberation and contribute to build a truly just society.

I wish you all a Vesak of Peace and joy!”

(Government News Portal)