Government encouraged public to pursue COVID-19 cure – Handunnetti

Sunil Handunnetti

The JVP charges that the government encouraged the public to pursue a COVID-19 cure without any scientific confirmation. Speaking at a conference in Kandy, former Parliamentarian Sunil Handunnetti said a government that cannot provide solutions to people’s grievances is futile.

Handunnetti noted from time to time persons who profit from issues faced by people have emerged. He claimed all citizens are living in fear due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adding that as a result the public is vulnerable.

He added the government must provide concessions to the public and create faith in a cure. Handunnetti however said the Minister of Health instead used an alleged COVID-19 cure and led people to speculate.

He noted the government must instead allocate provisions, obtain international support and formulate a programme to bring down the internationally recognized COVID-19 vaccine, and leading people to have faith in it and protection from the virus. He charged the government should not lead the public to a COVID-19 cure that has not been proven scientifically based on personal affiliations. He claimed the government failed to provide solutions to issues faced by people.

Former MP Handunnetti added online education has become a burden for students and parents alike. He noted there is no such thing as free education at present, adding that while only some schools have reopened, children are not going to school. He stated parents also have to spend excessively for data charges for online classes.

Handunnetti said online classes are not practical if there are two or three children as each student will need an electronic device. He added education cannot be restricted to learning via devices.

The former MP claimed the government lacks a programme to secure school education. He added the government should’ve allocated funds to provide free internet facilities for students and teachers.

He noted however when all students across the island have to sit for the same exam and with the excessive charges for education at present, a division has been caused between the rich and the poor.

(Source: News Radio)