Government only focused on tourists now – Sajith

Sajith Premadasa

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa charges that the government has forgotten the plight of Lankan expatriates and is only focused on bringing down Ukranian tourists.

Speaking at a protest opposite the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, Parliamentarian Premadasa said Lankan expatriates have not received concessions from Lankan embassies and High Commissions in respective countries either.

He charged the government of failing to protect the rights of expatriates and failing to provide them some relief.

MP Premadasa noted, the Ukrainians have become more important to the government, which he said has become a matter of ridicule to the country’s citizens.

He also charged that Lankan tour guides have been quarantined for coming in contact with the tour group, and accused the government of allowing the Ukrainians to roam around freely without undergoing quarantine measures.

Premadasa called for all expatriates to be brought down with the compensation funds allocated to the Bureau.

MP Premadasa added expatriates pay a sum of Rs.18,000 when they register with the Foreign Employment Bureau adding that expats receive an insurance cover as well noting that the government and the Bureau are bound to protect its citizens.

He charged the government of being inhumane after acquiring power through the support of innocent citizens.

(Source: News Radio)