Government seeks support to defeat various agendas in New Year – PM

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe

The New Year dawns as the Government of Good Governance marks two years in office. During these two years, we have achieved many milestones.

Yet undoubtedly, much needs to be done in our pursuit to be a fully fledged democracy that is also economically sound and socially empowered.

The abolition of the 18th Amendment which cast a shadow of dictatorship and suppressed democracy has been one of our greatest achievements during these two years. We have also been able to transform the perceptions the international community held with regard to Sri Lanka, enabling the country to build strategic relationships with other countries.

Dealing effectively with crimes against humanity, halting the wastage of public funds, minimizing corruption, establishing relevant commissions, finalizing the right to information act, ensuring freedom for all, easing the cost of living as loans overburden the economy, creating political stability while laying the foundation for economic development are among the achievements of the Government during these two years.

As economic activity increases under Good Governance towards making Sri Lanka a viable destination, the Government is focused on empowering the people while encouraging co-existence and harmony between all communities.

In the same vein, the Government seeks the co-operation of all Sri Lankans in defeating agendas that are aimed at disrupting Sri Lanka’s course set for success.

Let this New Year be the one to usher in greater change, a greater vision and prosperity to all Sri Lankans.

Happy New Year!

Ranil Wickremesinghe
Prime Minister