GR condemns Easter Day attacks

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

An act of any civilized world would be to condemn the Easter Sunday blasts that claimed the lives of over 300 innocent civilians and injured over 450 others, former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa said.

Issuing a press communiqué last night he said:
“All of these barbaric acts of terror have to be condemned unreservedly and no room should be left for such horrific acts to take place in this country again.

“I also convey my personal condolences to the families of each of the victims from this heinous acts of crime and
I also hope the entire nation will join me in extending our wishes for the speedy recovery of all those injured from these attacks be they Sri Lankan or of any other nationality.

It must also be stressed that it is the duty of the current government to rebuild all damaged Churches and other properties following these brutal attacks.

This particular terror attack which has once more brought back painful memories of the country’s protracted civil war after its end 10 years ago, has further underlined that terrorism could rear its ugly head instantly and in within minutes.

The country’s intelligence unit which had in the past come to be respected even globally has today been brought into disrepute in the wake of these terror attacks.

It really pains and saddens us to see such a vital ingredient of the country’s security network being downgraded before the eyes of the world.

However, we need to turn such sorrows, grief and sadness into victories on behalf of those who sacrificed their lives in this dark hour for our nation.

One of the main tasks that we face in the future is to turn Sri Lanka into a nation where all communities could live without fear and anxiety and as brothers and sisters under one roof.

I have personally experienced that people of this country could overcome any sort of tragedy and that they are also capable of defeating any extremist force intent on destabilising this nation.

At a time when this country is facing one of its darkest hours in its entire history, I hope the 21 million population of this land will join forces to combat these heinous acts of crime and I hope the entire
country will band together under its flag to face up to all future challenges.”

(Source: Ceylon Today)