Hambantota district final results released, UPFA wins highest votes

Hambantota district

The UPFA won the highest number of votes in the Hambantota District with 174,687 votes at the Provincial Council election while the UNP secured 79,829 votes, the JVP  39,345 votes and the Democratic Party  9547 votes.  According to the final results of the Hambantota District, UPFA has won 8 seats,  the UNP  4 seats and the JVP 2 seats,

Counting of votes for the Western and the Southern Provincial Councils is now underway at the counting centres set up at D. S. Senanayake College, Royal College and Isipathana College  in the Colombo District. the Siyane College of Education and Bandaranayake Vidyalaya in the Gampaha District, the Pasdunrata College of Education and Tissa Vidyalaya in the Kalutara district, in the Galle district the Southlands College and Technical College Galle as well as the Technical College in Medawatta and Rohana Vidyalaya in Wellamadama.  In the Hambantota District counting centre was set up at the Suchi National School.

One hundred and two members for the Western Provincial Council and 53 members for the Southern Provincial Council will be elected and four bonus seats would be given including two for each province for the winning parties.

Recognised political parties and Independent groups had fielded 2,743 candidates in the Western Province and 1,051 candidates in the Southern Province.

Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya said that compared to previous elections no major incident was reported on election day. (Govt. News Portal)