Hambantota Harbour incurred a loss Rs.678 Million in 2012

Arjuna Ranatunga

Minister Arjuna Ranatunge has said that the loss incurred by the Hambantota Harbour in 2012 was 678 million rupees. Addressing the progress review meeting of the Ministry of Ports and Shipping, the Minister said that he is not ready to maintain the Hambantota Harbour oout of funds of the Colombo Harbour.

The Minister pointed out that the Hambantota Harbour should be transformed to level of profits earning as in the case of the Colombo Port.

Noting that the Colombo Port had a profit and loss account, the Minister said it was not so with the Hambantota Harbour. The Hambantota Harbour has so far been maintained under the Colombo Port’s profit and loss account. Accordingly, the loss of the Hambantota Harbour had been covered from the profits of the Colombo Port.

The Minister said it has a dire impact on the development of the Colombo Port. He was of the belief that many corruption and malpractices of the Ports Authority would come to light from the report of the proposed Committee.

(Government News Portal)