Health guidelines for the election impractical – Kiriella

Lakshman Kiriella

Former Parliamentarian Lakshman Kiriella says health guidelines issued for the conduct of the General Election are impractical.

Speaking to media in Kandy, Kiriella said the failure of health authorities to consult politicians and political parties when compiling health guidelines, has led to a troublesome state of affairs, adding political parties would have been able to provide sound and practical advice on the matter.

He stressed there must be freedom to campaign for the election, adding that if a rally is called then the names of either 100-500 people in attendance must be submitted, therefore drawing attention to the impracticality of such regulations.

Kiriella stated therefore that persons who have no experience conducting elections have compiled such regulations.

The former MP stressed that the party must be allowed to issue its policy statement, further remarking that if social distancing is to be maintained at voting centres, even the Election Commissioner had stated that queues may stretch to up to a kilometre long.

Kiriella claimed it would be clear that the government will fail to secure the 113 seats they seek during the upcoming election.

On a separate note Kiriella said the public has lost the right to peaceful protests at present.

Commenting on the protest staged adjacent to the US Embassy in Colombo by the Frontline Socialist Party, the former MP said although the protest was carried out in a peaceful manner, the protesters were assaulted by the Police and treated in an inhumane manner.

He noted during the Good Governance government peaceful protests were staged frequently adding however that none of the protesters were assaulted in such a manner.

The former MP said protest campaigns should be allowed in a democratic country.

(Source: News Radio)