Increase allowances of frontline workers – GMOA

GMOA - Government Medical Officer's Association - Sri Lanka

The Government Medical Officers’ Association has requested the Minister of Health to increase allowances proportionate to the basic salaries of frontline health workers who are part of coronavirus mitigation efforts.

Speaking during a media briefing in Colombo, Executive Council Member of the GMOA, Dr. Prasad Colombage said it is unjust to criticise requests by considering it from a political view point.

Dr. Colombage said nurse’s unions are trying to misrepresent through their protests, that doctors or members of the GMOA, are provided an 180 hour allowance.

However, Dr. Colombage added regional Medial Officers of Health and doctors at coronavirus treatment centres are provided an allowance for their overtime services.

Dr. Colombage meanwhile said certain trade unions are falsely claiming that only the allowances of doctors have been increased and have been staging protests.

Dr. Colombage said he presented a proposal to the Health Minister and the Finance Ministry to introduce a benefits scheme similar to current salary levels of employees of the health sector.

He claimed this benefit will be provided to frontline healthcare workers battling the coronavirus, and not all health sector workers.

He assured that this scheme was not politically motivated.

(Source: News Radio)