Increasing expat workers major economic boost – Piyankara

Plane landing

State Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion Piyankara Jayaratne says more than 99,000 Sri Lankan workers have travelled overseas for employment thus far this year.

The State Minister said this is a major boost to the country’s economy.

Speaking during the Committee Stage Debate of the 2022 Budget yesterday State Minister Jayaratne said 300,000 workers will be deployed overseas for employment in 2022.

He added foreign remittances last year amounted to USD 7.1 billion, while USD 8 billion is expected in 2021 with a goal of USD 10 billion for 2022.

State Minister Piyankara Jayaratne added steps have been taken to direct more Sri Lankan workers to other developed countries in addition to employment opportunities in the Middle East.

He said the government has entered agreements with, South Korea, Romania, Japan, Israel, and Malta while talks are underway with the United Kingdom in this regard.

The State Minister said selected individuals are currently being taught Japanese while Lankans are being directed to South Korea after a lapse of five years following extensive talks.

(Source: News Radio)