Indian Sepoys ride again unabashedly serving western neo–colonial agendas


– by Shenali D Waduge –

The British Empire was built largely on the back of Indian Sepoys who slaved and died for a pittance from their colonial masters. The term ‘sepoy’ was used for Indian soldiers who worked for the British East India Company and later the British Imperial Army. Nearly ninety-six percent of the British East India Company’s army of 300,000 men was native to India and these sepoys played a crucial role in securing the subcontinent for this British company by taking orders to kill from foreign i.e. British occupying forces, and slaughtering their own people. The sepoys performed a role in India similar to that of Lascoreens in Sri Lanka being indigenous soldiers who fought for the supremacy of the Portuguese against the patriotic nationalist forces of Sitawaka and Kandyan Kings during the Portuguese era (1505–1658) and continued to serve as colonial soldiers until the 1930s. This is a shameful chapter in the dark period of colonial rule in Sri Lanka and the same goes for India.

The term sepoy in its modern connotation bears startling resemblance in the manner that a new breed of ‘Indians’ are functioning on behalf of modern imperialists who have outsourced their dirty work to these ‘modern sepoys’ and currently one such has arrived from the US to Sri Lanka. Indian Sepoys who fought on the side of the colonial adventurers have been recruited by the Portuguese, the French, British and several other former European colonial rulers in furtherance of their undisguised objective to plunder and colonise lands belonging to other people.

Indians volunteered to fight on behalf of the very nation that colonized them and made up the biggest volunteer force during World War 2. Thousands of Indians fought during World War 1 as well. By 1903, the total strength of the British Indian Army was 240,000 men – serving 39 cavalry regiments, 135 infantry battalions (including 17 Gurkha), there were also armies of the Princely states, regiments of the Auxiliary states had 22,613 men in 20 cavalry regiments and 14 infantry battalions. The Indian ‘sepoys’ (soldiers) were all recruited to police the British Indian Empire. In fact in 1914, the eminent pacifist Mahatma Gandhi himself created the Natal Indian Ambulance Corps to be used by the British in the Second Boer War in South Africa.

The same tools of money, international positions, prestige, social status, privileges and the opportunity to rub shoulders with the white man were incentive enough for these Indians to forsake their own. In Sri Lanka we had and continue to have similar groups ever ready to betray their nation for ‘crumbs from the tables’ of their foreign principals.

New Breed of Indian Sepoys

In the international scene we have a new breed of Indian sepoys today serving western interests. They little realize or are indifferent to the fact that they are being used. In exchange for all that satisfies their personal self-interests the foreign imperialists are using them, their knowledge of their people to carve out and break up India and destroy the precious Hindu heritage that has lasted over 5000 years and constitutes the oldest religious heritage of the world. It is the conspiracy behind these incursions that have using both tact and cunning taken almost the entire mass media away from Hindu hands and vested the ownership of the media in the hands of non-Hindus who use every opportunity to degrade and ridicule the Hindu cultural heritage and Hindu leaders of India.

It is with the rise of Narendra Modi and resulting panic stricken alarm at the prospect of Modi becoming the next Indian Prime Minister  that these same media channels are now trying their best to use communication channels in invidious campaigns spreading falsehoods via half – truths and outright lies about Modi.

Does India not realize that just as Yugoslavia was broken up over a decade ago, the same combined foreign forces would cause that to happen to India as well.  Just because a handful of Indians work  with a ‘sepoy’ mindset does it mean they would protect India? They are instead working for the other side to break up India and India does not seem to realize the dangers lurking in their midst for that sepoy mentality broadly engulfs India and Indians still.

Break – up of India

A good look at the main cities of India would establish how far India’s cultural heritage has been compromised, how far the Hindu heritage is declining in the metropolitan cities and a new culture influenced through the western media is taking place. India is beginning to realize how far the largely American funded Christian NGOs have gone deep penetrating into the villages of India and transformed whole villages to look down on their ancient Hindu heritage, but yet for all India is still to realize how far Evangelical movements are sponsored by the West with sinister agendas and are very prominently working and setting up themselves for the ultimate breakup of India.

The agenda of the Christian West is directed towards using Christians in India, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries e.g. South Korea, like a battering ram to overcome local opposition to unethical religious conversions and neo – colonialism.

How many Indians have their hearts elsewhere and are serving western neo – colonial agendas while at the same betraying their ancestral Indian heritage that is thousands of years old. Navi Pillai (UNHRC), Nisha Desai Biswal (US Asst Sec), Piyush “Bobby” Jindal (US Gov), comprise just a handful of names that illustrate the current reality of modern sepoys who have alienated themselves from their traditional religious heritage to serve western interests for personal glory and money. Why would Indians wish to pretend to be what they are not? Indians can be rich in India, Indians can be influential in India – do Indians need to give up their heritage to gain a new status quo?

Indian Mutiny

The Indian Mutiny against the British Raj (1857) symbolic of patriotism asserted against foreign oppression, is what we see in the modern era in the form of Narendra Modi, Dr. Subramaniam Swamy and Rajiv Malhotra attempting to unravel the foreign conspiracies at play.

The prophesied Clash of Civilizations is being subtly engineered by Christianizing Asia and Africa to pit these newly converted Christians against the Muslims in what the West sees as an unavoidable global apocalyptic war in the not too distant future between the followers of these two Abrahamic religions for world domination.Both these predatory camps see the Buddhist and Hindu heritage countries in Asia as soft targets that will eventually wilt and give in to the insurmountable pressures of the Abrahamic religions.

It is in this light that the wisdom of Rajiv Malhotra is again re-iterated for it behoves India to realize that it is not a Western vassal state, Indians should not be western servants or ‘coolies’, India must value its own cultural heritage which India has to be proud of and which India should not compromise or dispense with in exchange for foreign religions or religious cultures that are now falling apart in the very nations that they originated from.