International conspiracy behind Ranjan’s audio clips: Elle Gunawansa Thera

Elle Gunawansa thero

Referring to MP Ranjan Ramanayake’s audio clips which have gone viral on social media, Ven. Elle Gunawansa Thera said yesterday there was an international conspiracy behind the series of events to carry out some hidden agenda.

He told that international communities were carefully eyeing Sri Lanka because of its strategic location and other economic advantages and were making use some Sri Lanka political figures to for this purpose.

“It is evident with the audio clips that there is an agenda to make things happen according to the whims and fancies of Western forces,” the Thera said.

He said another motive was to create chaos in the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary so that the country end up in anarchy.

People are living in uncertainty with the current state of affairs in the country in terms of Judiciary being in hot water with the release of the controversial audio clips.

“The sequence of events show the nudity of the people who have been engaged in the audio clips,” he said. “Therefore, it is absolutely fitting to take appropriate action against them without creating further chaos.”

The Thera said people should be vigilant enough about such individuals and make use of their vote in a wise manner to elect their representatives to Parliament.

(Source: Daily Mirror – By Sheain Fernandopulle)